Should I close my account after I moving abroad?

Here is the thing. I am a student in the UK and I have a Monzo account, but soon I will be back to my home country. I still have some money left, aka I really don’t wanna close my account. I can still using the debit card through Mastercard.

But I am thinking, if I moved back, how can I replace my card? Is there a chance that Monzo could ship a card to my country? And also, will my account be closed after the card been expired.

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As long as you still have a U.K. address you can use, you can keep the account open. New card can be sent to that address and forwarded on to you.

So that means I can leave an address in my friend’s apartment. So it’s nothing to do with my resident.

A friends address is fine as long as you trust them :grin: The address isn’t related to ID verification or anything like that (unless this has changed recently). Make sure you update the address in the app and it’s all good. Monzo offer banking to those without a permanent address by letting people use any address they can get post delivered to, so it’s the same general idea.

Not sure how useful it will be as you’ll need to use transferwise to add any additional funds but there’s no reason to close your account


Although you don’t specify where you’ll be based, remember it will cost you money to convert your new home currency to Sterling for use in your Monzo account, and cost you more money to convert it back when you spend it outside of the UK. And with ever changing exchange rates you’ll be permanently speculating on the currency markets. Have a think about whether it’s cost effective to use a bank account in a foreign country to where you are, but keep your Monzo account open if you plan to return to live in the UK at some point.


@j06 Thank you for your advice. However, I am from China, we have limitation to convert currency every year, so it will be better if I have some money oversea. And yes, I am planning to work on a PhD degree in the seeable future.

Well, reopen account is quite easy thought.

I just like Monzo, sincerely, it’s the best bank I’ve ever used.