Glastonbury Festival

Anyone going? If so who are you most looking forward to seeing?

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Kylie, Spice Girls (shhh ;)), Years & Years aha!

Im not normal glasto kinda guy, but go every year its on! :smiley:


I am!!! It’s gonna be my first year too so not really sure what to expect. :laughing:
I am trying to get a tent at a glamping location and hopefully, there should be some stock left on the 29th.

Any boutique hotels on-site ?
If so - I’m in :smirk:

Surprised Supertramps there. But they’ll do :flushed:

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This will be my fourth time and I have never had an issue camping! It’s always part of the fun! Just don’t camp near the loo or a path way! Also try stick to camping up the hill!

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Definitely. All the people sludge trickles down to the bottom of the hill!!

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13th in a row, and I’m as excited as ever!

I was on crutches for my first, with a badly broken leg. It was wet and very muddy, but I enjoyed almost every minute of it, and can’t imagine missing a year…

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only a music festival. Go as early as possible, and enjoy soaking it all in and finding your way around before the music starts.



No real surprise this is my phone’s lock screen

Solid advice! I’ve been 09, 13, 15 then this year too! I love the two days before the music really starts properly! We tend to camp up in the Lime Kiln ground! Where do you guys camp? And what’s your favourite hidden secret about the festival?

We love a cafe called the fluffy rock cafe it serves up an amazing Egg muffin

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I’ve camped all over, really. Used to really like just below Worthy Farm, just on the other wide of the hedge from the top of Pyramid field, because the hedge protects the tent from the scorching morning sun that wakes you at 6:30am. However, have also camped in Dairy Field a few times, just below the Park, Paines Ground and even Rig’s field. Have also spent more on the pre-erected tents at Worthy View a couple of times.

One of my favourite aspects of Glastonbury is the food. You go there thinking it’ll be overly-expensive festival-type food, but there’s so much on offer. I particularly love the Indian Street Food place near West Holts, the Goan Fish Curry place in West Holts and the Indian Thali in the Avalon field. We booked ahead last time and ate in the Rocket Diner, which has fab sit-down 3-course meals - just as a special treat! There’s also an underground piano bar, and I love the hidden bit of the Rabbithole.

I love the integrity of the place. The fact they build stuff there that only 5% of festivalgoers have any idea is there - like the dragon that I only found in my 8th or 9th year.


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First went in (oh god) 1992. Back when it was still lovingly called the Pilton Pop Festival.


I’ll be there!

This will be my 5th year and can’t imagine not going. It really is a different world. I remember the first time I went assuming it was all about the music but it really isn’t!

48 days and counting. :partying_face:


I actually managed to get a tent in the Tangerine Fields. Can’t wait for it!!!

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So so true! What are you most looking forward too?

I love the Green Peace field. So much good food!

As for bands, The Cure for sure! Looking forward to The John Peel Stage being announced.

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I am looking forward to the GreenPeace field too!

John Peel Stage is always good I find! I normally camp near to it! Haven’t spent much time in the greenpeace field! I love going up to the sign and looking over the site!

I’m amazed they allow flags. They really do block the view for some people! :exploding_head:

Flags do contribute to an unbelievable atmosphere, though!

image image

Totally agree personally cannot stand the flags! Where do you tend to camp??

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