Little loading wheel keeps spinning on app homepage

Issue: The little loading wheel at the top of the app keeps spinning despite balance etc all being updated. It just spins indefinitely

Details to reproduce: Every time you load the app whether force quit or not, still occurs when phone restarted and have tried reinstalling app
OS: iOS 17.1.2
Device: iphone SE third gen
App Version: 5.52.0

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 17.45.42

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Bug fixed in an upcoming release.


Bug also seen in Testflight version 5.53 that became available the other day. Spinning endlessly for minutes, so long that I got tired of waiting for it to end! Noticed from Battery app that Monzo background usage was also relatively high. Left Monzo app in background overnight whilst charging and by morning it had stopped spinning & now only seems to be spinning briefly whenever the app is brough into the foreground.
Maybe it needed to do something that required a long spin! A very long spin! A very very long spin…

Thought it was just me!

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I’m getting loading wheel also does this stop my wages coming in

I think that will be absolutely fine, if inbound payments were affected they would be fixing this with much more urgency.

Yeah same! I thought it was just me but my partners doing the same in his app too. I thought of please don’t be a fault on the app & suddenly stop working or the account just stop working. Luckily everything still working fine :blush:

Doesn’t impact anything, it’s just continually spinning, for anyone concerned.


Mine is also doing this, a transaction via bank transfer to my account hasn’t processed and I wonder if this is anything to do with it? Any ideas guys as it’s a substantial amount of money waiting to get into my Monzo

No - the loading wheel is purely cosmetic. If a bank transfer hasn’t arrived then you need to check with the sending bank.

The issue does seem to have affected notifications for me as well

I doubt it - likely a coincidence.

Is there any fix for this?

The wheel is spinning and my balances aren’t uploading. I need to transfer money from my main account today but the balance hasn’t updated from recent transactions (although the transaction list is correct).

Just updated to 5.53, still doing it

As mentioned a few posts above, the fix is in today’s TestFlight, not the release version.

Ah, misunderstood. Not too familiar with the testflight process - when does that normally go live for the standard app?

i have the same issue on my business account, but my personal one is fine.

Latest beta version on TestFlight has fixed this problem

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What is this spinner next to the Plus star and why does it never stop spinning?


A fix is coming.

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