iOS - Monzo Plus - Double tap credit tracker infinite loading bug

When you double tap ‘Credit Tracker’ it ends up continuously showing the loading spinner.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Go to Monzo Plus tab
  2. Double tap Credit Tracker
  3. Observe infinite loading spinner state

iOS 14 - Beta 2

iPhone XS

App Version:


Im on iOS 14 Dev Beta 3 and can confirm I have this issue.

Also, the app crashes each time I leave it

Does it for me too.

iOS13 - iPhone X

But why are you double tapping? This isn’t a PC.

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No reason for them to - but it’s still a bug in my eyes in that it’s a feasible user input.

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Yup exactly :+1:.

I’m an iOS Developer myself and know it’s not a PC, but must have accidentally tapped it twice.

Others could also potentially trigger the issue if they their hands jitter e.g. due to a underlying condition or simply having too much coffee one day :sweat_smile:.

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Exactly - it would be a poor test plan if it didn’t include the option of someone double tapping :slight_smile: