App crash after update

Issue: app will not load on my iPhone 12 Pro. However it will load on my iphone 10.

Details to reproduce: loading after updating the app one week ago. Bizarrely I still get pop up notifications and able to log in on my iPhone X
OS: iOS 15.5
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 4.33.0


Have you tried reinstalling the app?

I can’t replicate this with the same phone, os version, and app version, but I suspect given the description, and that this occurs on every iOS device I’ve done the specific things to replicate, you may be experiencing this issue I’ve reported here:

If it’s the same issue I experience from time to time, reinstalling the app won’t work.

The only reliable fix I’ve found is to completely quit the app and force an iPhone reboot. To do this on your phone quickly press volume up, then volume down, then hold the sleep/wake button until the screen goes black and continue to hold it until you see the apple logo.

Once your phone powers back on and connects back to Wi-Fi there’s a good chance the app will work again. Good luck!

I have the same problem. iPhone 12 ios 15.5

I have deleted and reloaded the app, powerd down the phone, but still get a message saying:
“There was a problem. The request timed out”

There appears to be an issue with the app and ios 15.5

This is happening to, I click on the Monzo app, and it attempts to load and crashes. I currently can’t do anything with my account. I have tried all troubleshooting solutions, and still have had no luck.

My fix was to log out.

Force closes the app.

Delete the app.

Close all other app.

Power up power down then click x. This clears the catch.

Power up power hold power button until apple logo appears for full reboot.

Reinstall the app

Sign back in

Seems to be working now. Two days in.

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Sounds like the same bug I’ve been having issues with. Sometimes this is what you have to get working again.

It’s frustrating but I’m glad it’s not just me experiencing it now which will hopefully bring some awareness and get it fixed after all this time.