Routing Number for Monzo Account

I am trying to transfer some money into my Monzo account and have been asked to provide the Routing Number. Where do I find this?

This topic should help:

unfortunately it doesn’t, I’m trying to pay money from my PayPal account into my Monzo account and PayPal is asking for the routing number.

Is your paypal account setup for the US then? :confused:

Your profile states that you live in the UK

Yes, it sounds like you have a US PayPal account. Set up a new UK PayPal account, and transfer the money from your US to your UK PayPal account. You should then be able to add Monzo to your UK PayPal account.

Or you could use TransferWise as suggested in the post @Ordog linked to and transfer from US PayPal ➜ TransferWise ➜ Monzo.

As I side note, I’ve found that the less you can use PayPal, the happier you will be.

I do reside in the UK but my PayPal account is a .com account


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That’s the issue then. Your PayPal account is configured incorrectly, once it is setup for UK it won’t ask you for a routing number.

I assume it should be fairly straight forward to switch your account from US to UK :man_shrugging:

In the app, under your card is an “account” button. Click on that and it shows my Routing number and account number. Routing number for all Monzo accounts in the US… should… be the same, but don’t quote me on it. I would check there first, but in my app it shows the routing number as: 041215663

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I think you’ve misread the issue. He doesn’t have a Monzo US account.

Thanks, Brian - super helpful. But I think (although tbc) this has come about because @Bradley1969 has US PayPal account and a UK Monzo account.

(For the US routing number, I wonder if that’ll change when/if Monzo becomes a licensed bank in its own right in the US? :thinking:)

Monzo already is a registered US Bank, sorry I was talking about my Monzo US account which I have alongside my Monzo UK account in the same app.I don’t think you would be able to link a US PayPal to a UK Monzo account…maybe with a transferwise USD borderless account? Not sure…

yep sorry!

UK PayPal also uses the .com domain. The best way to check is to go to your wallet. If it’s a UK account, it should show GBP as the primary currency:


If it’s a US PayPal account, I assume USD would be the primary currency.

I don’t think that is possible. I think that @Bradley1969 will need to set up a new PayPal account on the PayPal US website. They will need a different email address from their UK PayPal one to do this.

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As I was curious I Googled it. Granted it’s an old question but PayPals advice is as follows:

(this was someone who moved country but the principle is still the same)

Edit: Link to official PayPal docs that says the same thing:

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