Accounts UITableView takes me to wrong account

Tapping an account frequently takes you to the wrong card, either the previous or next. Even the Joint account popped up when I tapped my TSB. The amount title is always right but the card image and amount is usually the next or previous card. Probably some array index that’s off by -1 or +1.

And is it weird that different details seem to be available on each card graphic? Numbers, dates, my name etc? Or is that like the real cards?

Details to reproduce:
On Monzo Plus, tap different connected open bank accounts and navigate back to repeat the process.


iPhone 11 Pro

App Version:
5.50.0 #5500052


Hi Chucky,

Welcome back!

I’ve had this before and it was a local caching issue. Have you tried an app reinstall?

  • Uninstall the app
  • Reboot your phone (very important)
  • Reinstall the app

I wouldn’t concern myself too much about the different details as the carousel view that you have at the moment is from the old UI and is going away soon.

This did not work for me unfortunately. I’ll try the labs version for now!