Transactions from other accounts not showing up

Transactions from other accounts failing to load and not showing up.

OS: Oxygen OS
Device: Oneplus 7 Pro
App Version: 3.93.0

Has your access expired?

I’ve deleted the account and readded it numerous times but it still doesn’t pull through the transactions. The strange thing is, my credit card from the same bank pulls through ok.

I might have dreamt it but can you have multiple cards from the same provider? :confused:

Some do, some don’t. I only remember discussion of one specific company that definitely didn’t permit a second card to show.

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I should’ve added this has been a recent issue. I’ve had both cards showing transactions on the app before

Which card/account/bank?

HSBC Debit Card

I have a HSBC Advance Debit card and a HSBC Credit card as two separate connected accounts (:monzo: Premium) - all transactions show as they should. I did once experience the HSBC Advance account not updating for about 2 days - but it still showed the historical transactions OK.

I’d recommend uninstalling the :monzo: app, restarting your device, download & install the :monzo: app, login to the :monzo: app & retry the connected account.

Hi David, I tried all those steps and it still isn’t pulling the transactions through. The strange thing is I can go into insights and go back a month and view my transactions there but nothing is showing for this month (when the problem began)

If you have the HSBC app installed on your phone, log in and tap on ‘More’ at the bottom-right, then tap on ‘Open Banking Dashboard’, then tap on ‘Account Information Sharing’ - ‘Monzo’ should show in the ‘Active’ section.

If not, it’s likely that the accounts are no longer linked.

Both accounts are showing in the open banking dashboard for monzo

So one side appears to be working (:monzo: shows the HSBC accounts) - but does the other side (HSBC) also show an active connection to :monzo:? Both have to be active for the data to pass through.

My HSBC app informs that the currently active connection to Monzo expires on 03-Sep. I’m assuming the :monzo: app will tell me the same on that date, but you never know…

The HSBC app shows the 2 accounts have given permission for monzo to use their info so I think it could be an issue on monzo’s side, more than likely the app. I’ve attached the error message I get when I try to load my transactions

You have the new trends tab, wonder if that’s related? How long have you had the issue?

Start an in app chat for them to investigate

Could just be HSBC being HSBC

To me that’s two messages too.

Something went wrong makes it sound broken, but we’re still fetching transactions just sounds like it’s taking longer to get them all.