Link debits and credits together

So today I bought everyone in the office Nandos for lunch and each person transferred me the money back for their food.
Because I’m going to be putting that money back onto my Mondo card, I don’t want it showing in my Spent Today area, and I also don’t want it affecting my average expenditure or total spent for Nando’s.

Could we have a feature where a top-up can be linked to a transaction, so that the top-up amount can be subtracted from the total transaction amount?


Interesting! So we’ll likely have a way of P2P payments being linked to a transaction (so we can do bill splitting seamlessly) but for now that’ll be with other Mondo users only. I’m not sure about doing it from the top up though – maybe the solution is to get your whole office on Mondo? :wink:


I like this! I always end up paying for something and people paying me back.

Would be good to be able to link the two together.

sounds good idea would like that option to split costs

Yeah this bit me too. My average expenditure data is now completely useless because I exchanged 1k between my mondo account and my friend’s. It was sent back immediately but still messed up my spending numbers :frowning: