Ability to link a credit/top-up to a specific debit to correct spending


As my family aren’t technologically savvy they rely on me for online shopping. Several times a week I get calls or texts asking me to order them certain things, usually on Amazon via my Prime. So I place the order for them and they then send me a bank transfer via my sister for the order amount. Similarly my sister and I may share on a gift for our parents, again I’d pay and my sister would transfer her half to my account.

The problem with this usage pattern when trying to budget with mondo is that because all the purchases go through me this is going to artificially inflate my spending figures by maybe hundreds of pounds each month. Sure mondo will increase my balance when I receive payment (via a top up on the prepaid card, but eventually via transfer when current accounts are live) but that isn’t going to be so helpful when it comes to budgeting which is my main motivator behind the switch to mondo.

So my request is for us to to be able to go to any given account credit (or currently top up entry) in the account feed and have a button/option to link that credit to a specific payment that has been made. Firstly by linking them it makes it easy to see in any entry all related transactions without having to go through your feed remembering which relate to each other. Secondly it would allow mondo not just to update your balance by the incoming amount, but also reduce your spent amount on a specific transaction. That would make all your overall spending totals and those of set categories accurately reflect reality. This feature would prove invaluable to my usage patterns and I suspect also many others as it would allow for situations such as when you pay a restaurant bill or cab fare on your card and then other reimburse you later.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Yep, definitely something we’re hoping to improve on! Over time we’ll have bill splitting and other functionality that will help us match payments in to payments out :slight_smile: You should get your sister on Mondo though so she can send you money more easily :wink:


Hi Tristan, that’s great to hear! Had to pay the full amount of a shared subscription for my dad yesterday, so I’m trying to think of creative ways to get him to buy me something equivalent to his half so my mondo budget balances! :wink:

Sadly my family are luddites, although I have a feeling that might change next week when my sister sees my mondo card in person!! :grin: