Hey - great card! Really useful. Love being able to see what I’ve spent my money on.

Tried to use it to buy something on the playstation store // pay my american express bill. Didn’t seem to work, so thought I would let you guys know!

Also, wee request, is there anyway to split bills // track how much I am owed by friends (e.g. a category)? Example, if I go out for dinner and pay, and people are going to refund me, can you add functioanoty in the app (if my friends have the same card) to split the bill/know how much I am owed - a bit like uber does with splitting bills? Having a category for money owed will also help with analysis to identify how much I have actually spent, rather than for others and been paid back.

Hope this makes some sort of sense :joy:.



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Hey @jonnyrnixon, thanks! What didn’t work with Playstation and Amex specifically? It might be they don’t yet have our card details in their databases - some merchants take a long time to update them :frowning:

Bill splitting is definitely on the roadmap! It would be so great to be able to quickly split a bill with friends (a la Uber) and they can pay with a couple of taps. We want to get P2P payments out the door first though (coming soon!)

Thanks! Please keep the ideas and feedback coming - it’s so helpful :smiley:

There’s a nifty service out there called “splitwise” that has both app and web interfaces. It would be really neat to have your mondo account somehow part of your splitwise account. They have a “settle up” button that simplifies payments. If there’s a bunch of stuff in a group’s shared expenses (imagine 4 friends go on a holiday and different people pick up different bills at different times), splitwise can figure out who owes what. What’s more, splitwise knows how to do it in the minimum number of payments. (e.g., Bob pays Amy £5.50, and Cathy pays David £10.50, and then David pays Emily £2). If Mondo was part of your splitwise account, you could just click the “settle up” button and push out a bunch of P2P payment requests to each person. Integrating splitwise and mondo’s P2P capabilities would be really cool.

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+1 came here to suggest the same one. Splitwise have a great product - a prime integration waiting to happen

Hey @tristan Where are you with bill splitting? Here’s the matching feature request for Splitwise:

There are a bunch of ways you guys could/should integrate! Their platform is amazing for doing all kinds of complicated bill splitting. If you could understand that I’ve split a bill and not count it toward my spending that would be amazing! (speaking as someone who used to send the rent for my whole house of 4 people, this can skew your spending patterns a lot)

+1 (came to suggest same) could collaborate with Splitwise or something. Paying a big expense for my whole household puts my monthly report all out of whack.

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I had an ideas for the security department regarding payments.

When someone sends a payment, there should be double authentication for example before someone sends a payment He receives an SMS message from monzo with a code inside it which he should enter in the app for the double authentication