Lg g7

(Simon B) #1

Damn, it’s looking pretty good! I was pretty impressed with the G6 last year.

Anyone looking into it?


Not a fan of the notch personally; just because Apple does something stupid doesn’t mean Android should’ve followed…

(Simon B) #3

I believe LG have done something with the UI so you can effectively turn it off (by making the top bar all black around it)

(lewis oconnor) #4

Not a fan of LG phones, love android (s9+ user) was playing on the LG v30 in the shop which i liked from the reviews, just didnt like it in the hand


I must get around to trying an LG. I’m not a fan of Samsung, so some variety would be useful.

My wish-list for my next phone, over and above the usual:

  • (Fast) under screen fingerprint sensor
  • As bezel-less display as possible
  • Excellent build quality
  • Headphone socket

I might be waiting a while…

While I’m not necessarily a fan of the notch, I think if the trade-off is a thick bezel at the top that you can’t do anything with or a notch in the middle that gives you some usable screen estate, then I’d go for the latter…

(Simon B) #6

Regarding the notch, Doogee (Chinese OEM) have a great concept idea.

The whole front is screen, and then you have a part that slides up with the front-camera etc.

Adds a bit of thickness, but I’m sure that could be trimmed down.


Yes, I saw that the other day! I’d be worried about thickness - and the mechanism potentially breaking - but like you say, it could be trimmed down…

Also, have you seen that that concept has an under-screen fingerprint reader :heart_eyes:

Now, are there any concepts for cameras/sensors integrated into/under the screen estate?!

(Simon B) #8

Essential Phone?

I’m defo looking forward to the follow up.


Ah but that’s still got a (micro) notch!

I’ve not looked into the Essential phone properly yet - was that meant to be the modular one? Andy Rubin’s gig, yes?

(Simon B) #10

True, I guess they can improve on it though. Yeah, Andy Rubin’s new company - I’m a fan of his but the first Essential seemed a bit rushed.

I think there were some modular parts for it like a 360 cam but not sure how many. Not as many as the Moto Mods, they have loads but might be killing the project :frowning:

(Jason Yau) #11

After the overheating and bootloops on my G3 I am not touching another LG device for a very long time. The overheating meant the phone was useless unless a custom rom was flashed on the device; brand new the G3 was noticeably slower than my Nexus 4. The phone overheated after 30 minutes of intensive use, turned off when it overheated and started bootlooping bricking itself after barely 2 years.

(Bradley) #12

Vivo produced a concept phone with under-screen fingerprint reader and a popup camera which is really interesting.

I have the G6, which only cost me around £300 brand new, and I’ve been more than impressed. The biggest thing I would look for next is improvements in the camera. The Huawei P20 Pro or Pixel 3 (when it comes out later this year) would probably appeal, but I’m not a huge fan of the stopgap notch, which I feel will probably be purged from phones next year. Huawei offer the option to to turn the notch off however.