LG G7 One

Now this is really interesting.

A flagship phone, high-end specs, running stock Android (via Google’s Android One program, which like Pixel devices brings direct updates).

To date all Android One devices have been low-end or mid-range.
This one is very much a flagship with a Snapdragon 835, 1440p screen etc.

Considering LG’s weak point has always been it’s mediocre customisations to Android, this is very welcome news. And apparently it’ll be sold at an “exceptional price”.


It’s not clear whether it’s an exceptionally good price, or exceptionally high price! Sounds good though.


My guess is that the major OEMs are worried about OnePlus and this is the response to it, so I would infer an exceptionally low price from that. Plus, the 835 is a flagship CPU, but it’s a 2017 flagship (it’s what’s in the Pixel 2 for example) rather than a 2018 flagship. So you couldn’t charge a high price based on that.


I reckon this could be huge… Especially at the low price.

Hint - It’s not the LG G7!

I knew that was gonna be the Pocophone before I even looked at it haha. Yeah, it’s insane value. Probably won’t be sold in shops here though, Xiaomi stuff isn’t too widely available.


It’s a shame. Pocophone would do well here. The competition is great, just wish more of these phones would arrive on our shores.

As for the LG G7, it might just have a chance running stock Android. LG’s customisations prevented me picking up one of their handsets.

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I’ve been looking at a lot of Tech review videos on YouTube and the response to the Pocophone seems to be phenomenal!

Still haven’t seen anything to concrete to make me move from iOS yet though :exploding_head:

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Depending on personal circumstances, and how far you are “in iOS”, I’m not sure the price go the phone makes a difference?

I’d switch to a OnePlus or Huawei (or even the Poco) in a heartbeat - The value compared to Samsung and iPhone is insane.

My issue is the “eco system” of Apple kit I have, and the years of App purchases I’d lose.

The next flagship Android phone could be £1 - But I still wouldn’t use it over an iPhone (although I’d definitely buy it!).

If the Pocophone lands in the UK, I’ll probably pick one up to test it out.

I’m too deep into the iOS ecosystem. I know I do want to love Android and the OnePlus has caught my eye I can’t deny that. It’s just having the bravery to just go for it :sweat_smile:!

I think I am, too. It’s not just the Apple devices I have, but the sheer effort to download the apps, remember their passwords, etc.

With a new iPhone, all I need to know is my Apple ID and password. The new phone will do everything else. I don’t even need my WiFi SSID or password. It’s done by magic, I believe.

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Exactly this!
Man it even places your apps the exact same way they were laid out on the previous device too. Between that and the integration with macOS too… it’s just too difficult to come away from (unfortunately haha!)

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