Let me add more cards to track my overall spending! :)

Please don’t restrict my spending report solely on Monzo card. Let me add my other bank cards.

It would be great if you guys could add this feature!

What’s stopping you from only using a :mondo: card? :slight_smile:

with an Amex card, for exampe, I get points for benefits, such as dining and flying. I want to use your awesome reporting tools, but can’t add my amex, the caveat is that monzo doesn’t give me the benefits as amex does.

I was going to suggest something similar. Basically allow upload of CSV files that most card providers (including Amex) provide and allow them to be listed among transactions.

That makes sense, Tom’s asked for feedback on credit cards so it’s good to keep talking about your use case


The challenge with collecting our card provider’s data is that I doubt they’d be willing to share it. And even if they did, Monzo has access to the complete transaction’s details when you use their card, whereas they may not if it’s come from another provider. Not to mention the commercial benefits for Monzo

So either something’s going to have to be done to address the points benefit or the value add is going to have to be developed (it will be of course) so that it’s more compelling than the points or :mondo:'s going to decide that credit card users who earn points aren’t their target market right now. I hope it’s the former, we should hear more on the general strategy soon…

The problem comes where Monzo is not just a generic spending tracking app, it aims to grow from the current prepaid product in to a full current account. The feed you see is effectively your account statement. That feed would become very weird if it included payments made using external accounts without a full, tight integration with those accounts.

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