Import Other Spending Information


I don’t think it’s realistic or expected (at least in the short term) to have everyone exclusively using Monzo cards for every single payment. However, I really like Monzo’s app potential to become a tool to manage my cash flow.

How likely would it be to enable importing data from other sources e.g. Credit Card, Other banks (and on a reasonable effort basis) automatically classify those? Manually adding entries (for cash spending) would be useful as well. Of course, I’m not suggesting removing or changing the current tab with Monzo-only spending, but a new one with the full view of my spending would be awesome :slight_smile:


I was thinking along similar lines. I’d find it really helpful to be able to link spending from multiple Monzo cards (e.g) from my partner) so we can easily track combined household spending.

Is that on the radar at all?

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@cutlerw - you can export your spending on iPhone to a spreadsheet and then join your spreadsheets to find out household spend ? not quite as sexy as being available on the app though - don’t know about Android exporting


It’s possible. I can also use another app or program to do it. But by using Monzo I expect not to have to enter most of my items which is kind of the goal of the suggestion :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t directly address your request for a live(ish) feed of data but to give you some sense of where Monzo are on this, here’s what they said about importing historic transaction data -

I expect a live feed would largely be dependent on the other banks / providers, having an API which Monzo could use to access their transaction data or Monzo setting up screen scraping of user’s bank accounts (obviously the latter isn’t ideal). I expect that the APIs will only become widely available after the Open Banking standard / PSD2 regulations are applied.

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Here are some more ideas for this feature from @jshrager .


I’d really love this to be available - could even be a manual process, upload a CSV file with your previous transactions and it imports that in your Monzo feed. I’ve used Starling and my credit card recently for buying a large amount of stuff and I’d really love to have this included in my Monzo spending breakdown.