Legacy Monzo Plus Issues

Oh, absolutely this, and I think most people can see that as well.

I mean, from the off, the cards weren’t good quality, Monzo said they’d fixed it, and as far as I can tell… point blank lied about it (considering the overwhelming evidence of more cards arriving in exactly the same condition).

I don’t agree that any of the early birds paid for something they didn’t get though - It feels a little more like the biggest fans were the ones who were hit the hardest, and it feels more hurtful to those who are sitting on the sideline, or don’t care as much.

Add in the discrepancy with refunds, and I’d be amazed if the biggest fans are feeling the same way about Monzo as they did a few months ago…

You forgot about the ability to add services such as insurance products etc. This was the main selling point of Plus.

New subscribers were allowed to do this and arguably got everything that was promoted to them, but early birds were never allowed to. It was always :soon:


Pair this with your analogy though:

And the analogy isn’t quite right. If you ordered food and drink and paid and it didn’t come - yes, get a refund.

But what really happened is more like:

  • Go to bar (a bar with a restaurant).
  • Order a drink and ask for a food menu.
  • Drink arrives.
  • 15 mins in, after you’ve had your drink, waiter arrives and says theres a problem with the kitchen so it’s closed for the day.
  • You wouldn’t have ordered a drink if you knew you weren’t going to eat there.
  • Disappointed, but still had drink. Didn’t get the option to order food that you wanted.

I’d like to add an extra line into this :sweat_smile:

So you’d naturally want your entry fee back too :smiley: because as you said, you wouldn’t have paid the entry fee (Monthly Plus fee) if you knew you weren’t going to spend the evening there and make full use of the services on offer.


If I could also add a new line… or two


they will get fined for not treating customers fairly

What have I started :laughing: :joy:


Yes I was about to say it😂

I got my final response today after my complaint - it was well before the deadline too which was nice.

Very happy with what was offered so no more whinging from me :laughing: I can finally put this behind me and concentrate on being hyped about other upcoming features :tada:

My advice to others would be to take the time and put your grievance into a structured complaint and have a chat with the advocacy team - they’re actually quite nice and understanding.


Absolutely agree with you on this bit - the thread here suggests that the complaints which are structured around specifics are refunded, where as those which are not specific in the complaint do not.

From my experience I can say that this is spot on.

Initially I received the same templated response that someone posted earlier on here. Turns out that they had missed my email where I’d written everything in detail with all my supporting evidence - it was then revised and their new offer was much fairer.

So I can now say that taking the time to write a detailed report with all the facts will help :slight_smile:


I did the same and also received a result which was satisfactory.

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