Left to spend daily budget


I like the left to spend option in Monzo but I think it could be improved by showing a daily figure too.

For example say I have £300 left to spend in 20 days, and the bar goes orange to warn me I could run out. Essentially, it’s saying I shouldn’t spend more than £15 a day.

It’d be useful if that £15 is shown on screen. Otherwise, I’m arbitrarily guessing at how much I should spend. I know it’s too much right now, but I don’t know what to aim for other than if I do the maths myself and work out it’s £15.

Feels like it could also do something like show me £10 a day would be green and means I’d end the month with £100 left over, etc.

Hope this makes sense, thanks.

I see, never mind then. I did try and search a combination of budget, daily, remaining and didn’t find anything. Oops.

Don’t worry the search isn’t brilliant here. This is something that’s a good idea, I use a separate app for it.

Never say never, but isn’t that popular a request.

I track my daily available against budget with a spreadsheet and the Monzo Plus integration. But more involved but can/will give you a better and more accurate result. Summary can be a bit hit miss sometimes.

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This may be of interest:

Dynamic daily allowance powered by IFTTT, Google sheets, Android and Meta Widget. Outstanding.