How much left per day to spend


It’s good that Monzo tells you how many days you have left until payday, but I thought what would be a good idea, is if it was able to divide the balance by the number of days left, so it gives you an indication how much you have left to spend for that day (maybe an option that can be turned on or off). Okay, I’ve been using a calculator and any left over from that day I’ve been moving into a “Daily Leftover” pot, and I’ve been doing that for over a week now and have put quite a bit away, and haven’t missed it.

Just something that I thought would be a good idea :blush:


Hi Dave & welcome :wave:

This may be of interest;

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Hi David,

Thanks for this, in a bit of a rush this morning but I’ll take a gander at some point today. I’m not entirely sure how IFTTT works on android as it only looks like I can choose preset applets but not create them in the app.


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I have mentioned this a few times, even at events. I understand that even Monzo employees get a calculatornout and divide the numbers. I do this calculation almost daily. To have baked in the app would be so good. Setting up ifttt to do it linking to Google sheets seems like a big annoyance.



This looks really good, I have set up the spreadsheet and spending is moving into it on Google Sheets, but I’m having problems linking the transaction spreadsheet to Sheet2 of the budget spreadsheet.

I’m getting #ERROR and no option to connect the two together.

They’re both set up under the same Google account and in the same folder. I wouldn’t think I would need to turn on sharing if they’re both against the same account (and the tutorial didn’t say to do this).

It looks right up my street too! :frowning: Just for some reason, it won’t connect. I must be doing something wrong.


Yes, embarrasingly, schoolboy error. It works :slight_smile: I was quite amazed that it was able to parse all the information from Monzo into a spreadsheet in the cloud.

The possibilities are endless! :slight_smile: Thanks ever so much!

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Glad you got it working :+1:

The skill now is creating different ‘rules’ within the sheet to spit out exactly what you want to see in the meta-widget. It is cool to see it working though.

It worked a treat for me when I used my Personal account. But since switching exclusively to our Joint Account last year, I/we’ve lost functionality because IFTTT isn’t supported with Joint Accounts :frowning_face:

Yeah, I’m trying to get it to round up to the nearest pound. But can’t seem to work it out.

Just curious but do you use Monzo as your main account with salary and bills? I can’t imagine budgeting on a daily basis for a bank account with bills etc.


I choose to budget daily and anything left gets moved to a savings pot.

Others will budget monthly :blush:

I use monzo as my main account, but thanks to bills pots, the balance in my main account is for disposable spend, fuel, groceries, etc. I don’t budget daily per se, but I do find myself estimating the amount per day when it gets toward the end of the month and summary (which I don’t use but changes colour nonetheless) goes orange.

I would find this feature useful.

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I can’t imagine how this would be useful but then I don’t spend money on most days of most weeks and what I do spend would never fall into any sort of pattern that would make a daily figure meaningful.

Threads like this always fascinate me because I end up trying to work out how other people’s lives work.

I’d love this feature on monzo, dozens has it but they’ve been slow off the mark - even though their visual analysis on spending and budgeting features are amazing they’ve got a lot of fine tuning to do

I wish I could live like this! :rofl: Even if I don’t go out, or pop to a supermarket, I’ll end up buying something online.

Supermarket is the two days a week spending is guaranteed. Other than that it depends if anything specific is required.

I’m disorganised and as an (almost) stay at home parent, I have the time, so I’m forever popping to our local to get bits and bobs.