Daily Spending Limit


One thing that I like about Revolut (needed it to withdraw a little more cash abroad) is their budgeting feature breaks down your monthly limit into daily allowances.

So… if I were to commit to £350 a month for spending, my daily allowance would be lower at the start of the month. Revolut then changes this allowance as the month goes on, so if you spend little on one day, you can spend more the next!

I try to budget myself weekly, so this feature would be useful to know when to slow down (if I’m a big spender on the weekend)

Is there anything like this in the pipeline? Especially now that Targets have been renamed to Budgets.


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

Fantastic IFTTT from this user - would this be any use -

set up steps here

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