Left to pay not accurate

I am having issues with the left to pay amounts on my bills pot not being accurate. I have two direct debits from British Gas that sit at the top of the list regardless of the date they are due to be paid and when totally up my outgoing payments these are not included. I love the feature, really helps me manage my money so I’d love for it to work again

The problem seemed to occur after we had contacted British Gas to change the date of our direct debit payment. This was in Nov 2022. No other changes have been made and nothing via the Monzo app

This is affecting both me and parter we both have Apple Iphone12’s running the latest software version 16.3

Any help would be appreciated

It will be based on your summary period. Is one of those direct directs at the beginning/end?

I’ve had the same issue with one D/D which is paid from the Bills pot - it never moves from the top of the Bills pot ‘Upcoming’ transaction list. Although… despite it being at the top, the calculated amount of what is upcoming at any point in the current Bills pot cycle is reported as correct (for me)

So maybe it’s that second British Gas entry that is messing it up?

Is one of the direct debits the old one? If it is, and no longer used, then cancel it and it should show correctly?

Variable direct debits and more than 1 direct debit with the same company give me the most headaches. To be honest I don’t use the feature anymore. I used to use a bill pot and with amounts fixed it still had issues.
Nice feature but doesn’t work for every situation.

The direct debits are in the middle of my summary period and both direct debits are with the same company but both still active so cannot cancel