"Left to pay" inaccurate because Monzo doesn't pick up this payment as incoming

I have a Bills pot and all my bills coming from that pot. Love it. Especially love seeing how much it estimates the bill will be and the date it’s due on.

However the “left to pay” is sadly always inaccurate because Monzo doesn’t seem to have got it’s head around my car insurance payment.

The payment is a DD set to pay from the pot. I can see it on the list of DDs paid from pots. Where all my other payments have an “expected” date and an “expected” value, Car Insurance does not. It’s a recurring payment, comes out once a month, always the same amount, and 6 payments have been made. It’s also marked as a recurring transaction in Monzo.

Any ideas why it doesn’t seem to gather the same data as all my other DDs?

Does it pay it from the pot?

And it’s 10000% a DD?

Yep, pays from the pot. Comes out fine. 100% a DD. Says so when I click on the payment! Oddly it also doesn’t get a logo which I would expect (Sheila’s Wheels?)

Does it have an entry in the transaction ‘Reference’ field, or is that field blank?

Yup it has a reference

Have you tried the uninstall-Monzo/reboot-device/re-install-Monzo routine?

I highly doubt it will be a caching issue on your device, but you never know… Worth trying!

Gave it a go but no :frowning: Still nothing.

There must be something wrong with the transaction data at Monzo’s side. I’d recommend contacting Monzo via in-app chat or email (help@monzo.com) and provide your details and the issue being experienced.