Home Boiler and Heating Cover

Looking at all the fake reviews online (including Monzo’s and their issue with trustpilot reviews), I can’t seem to find a respectable company that will cover my boiler and central heating system so that I dont have to worry in the coming months.

Does anyone here have boiler cover and used them to sort any issues? what is your experience?

Any ideas :upside_down_face:

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I fix it all myself :hammer_and_wrench: , although this isn’t a valuable answer at all in context.


No its fine :joy: I’m trying to minimise possible issues because ofcourse just having a covered heating system isn’t going to help.

I’ve recently done a major service on the boiler and replaced some parts, and done a full powerflush to remove all the sludge from the system, and done quick leak checks of old parts on radiators (replaced some that failed).

If the boiler packs up on an icy night in december, having a dedicated cover to call that i know will sort me out is easier than faffing about with diagnosing the issue myself, or calling out an emergency plumber :man_shrugging: but i just dont see any great companies out there and it seems that the bigger the name, the worse the quality of work?

Admittedly, I’ve not researched this at all, but I do know from recent memory that I’ve seen a lot of HomeCare vans around (British Gas) - so the service infrastructure appears to be large. Cover seems expensive to me but again, not familiar with alternatives; https://www.britishgas.co.uk/home-services/boilers-and-heating/boiler-and-heating-cover.html

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British Gas are probably the most prominent, and they also have a reputation of using their own engineers (no sub-contractors) and dealing with problems correctly, but their online reviews are terrible.

Its usually the case that people that have a bad experience jump on trustpilot and post bad reviews, whilst people who have good or neutral experiences don’t but its very hard to block out the angry keyboard warriors from the genuine posters.

Maybe someone here has direct experience and can give their opinion on British Gas HomeCare or any other alternatives?

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BG central heating cover is the best IMO, would never get them to install one as too expensive but maintenance yes, I used to have it until we moved into Housing Association, we had young kids so was also on a priority during winter months for any outages


Thanks for that, how is their customer service (on the phone dealing with issues)? and did you ever encounter any issues with your system (broken pipes/joints, boiler packed up ect) and how do they deal with it?

Im reading mixed reviews on this online, with some saying theyre great once you pay the excess for a claim, and some other saying that they just keep asking for money to do things? im not sure :thinking:

Been in HA 6 years, I used to work for BG till about 2005/6 (no discounts :joy:) when we moved in to our flat at the time I think the bolder was maybe 10yrs old, never had an issues with calling them out when needed never needed to pay any extra, unless you started the cover when there was a fault to start with, but again we have not needed it since 2013 due to HA.

Personally as I worked there the only product worth getting was the central heating cover, Energy Tariffs to high, central heating installs to expensive as labour costs where £500 a day to fit it on top of the equipment :wink:

If was to to own my own home again then I would deffo get the BG central heating cover but that’s all from them :wink:


My OH landlord has British Gas cover for all white goods. They seem ok.

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Thank you for this reply, i think ill look around more but this seems to be what im after, just a basic policy to cover those unexpected issues like a burst pipe or a boiler problem as I know i have no previous issues (major service and powerflush certificates issued less than a month ago) .

Maybe ill give BG a shot, they seem to be quite popular :grimacing:

Have a look at your home insurance provider. For no charge or a small additional premium, many will provide home emergency cover including heating, plumbing, etc.

Homeserve is the company we use. It’s a few quid a month after we wanted to leave and got a good discount.

Think it’s normally £9 odd.

My colleague at work was left for a week without a visit from British Gas earlier this year, despite being a) a vulnerable customer and b) having a new born baby in the house and c) the weather being sub-zero.

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electric heater, hot water bottle and a good blanket.

I used to have Homeserve a few years ago. Some of their engineers are competant, but they outsource most of their jobs to trainee/apprentice sub-contractors and caused me more issues than they fixed, let alone their ridiculous policy of using mutiple claims for a single issue :man_shrugging: You pay for what you get there

Exactly what im trying to avoid :joy::cold_face:

I wasn’t aware of this! I’ll speak to my home insurance provider and see what they can offer :blush:

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Just adding that some policy’s may have small print about DIY work on the boiler voiding the policy, from experience insurance policys often add non certified work exclusions but don’t usually enforce unless it’s a big job and the engineer realises what has caused it (and doesn’t like you)

Also some home insurance policies will specify that the boiler has to be of a certain type or age in order to qualify for the emergency cover addition to the policy. So definitely read the small print and make sure there’s nothing that would exclude you from being covered, before you pay for the insurance.