Layout changed?

Has anyone noticed that the community forum layout has changed, or is it just me?

Previously the category was its own column, but now it’s moved to beneath the topic, resulting in a much more padded-out layout (with fewer topics visible on-screen).



I tried to find a suitable thread for this earlier, but couldn’t.

Yes, big change (well… big…ish).

It feels smaller in some way, and a bit more minimalist.

Looks ridiculous on a 27" screen :joy:

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I initially read that as 27’ :eyes:


Discourse just tweaking I’d imagine.


On mobile the menus attack you from both sides


I’d imagine it was a Monzo tweak rather than a Discourse tweak (as the other Discourse sites haven’t changed) - But I could be wrong.

Freetrade has changed at the same time

(At least on mobile it has)

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Along with the Ghost forum.

Stand corrected.

Damn you, Discourse!!

*shakes fist*

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Yes, you are correct, discourse felt the category collum wasn’t needed.

The release went out on Saturday, Monzo must have only just updated.

There are also a few other changes you might not have noticed. The hamburger and profile menus on mobile are now full screen height, with hamburger menu now swiping in from the left. Also images now only load when they are in viewport.

Release notes for the most recent release and its latest features.

I thought I was going crazy, couldn’t put my finger on what had changed!

Yep, this is a Discourse change. And it makes sense to me - in the category view there’s not much sense for ‘Category’ to have its own entire column.

Might take a bit of getting used to. But a bit tidier overall.


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