Latest update fails to load on iPad

(Stephen) #1

The latest iOS update from 22nd Feb no long loads on my iPad Air 2. The monzo app comes up but then within a second it quits. I’m running the latest iOS, restarted the iPad, but no difference.

More concerning was that I got a notification yesterday for a transaction that had already processed at the weekend.

Any suggestions?


You are lucky it ever worked on iPad as I could never get it to work on my Samsung tablet

(Andrew Ross) #3

I would suggest first deleting app and reinstalling. That’s solved the problem for me before. As long as you have access to your email account logging in again is a doddle. :slight_smile:

(Josh) #4

Hey Stephen,

As @RossA said, deleting and reinstalling would be a good first step — it sounds like something might have gone wrong following the update which is now causing the app to crash on launch. Let me know how that goes for you!