Bug on payment screen

I think I found a bug. See attached! My pretty face covers the Monzo logo…


ps:I lost access to my email account and my password, so had to set up a new account.


Hey :wave:

Sorry to hear about all the trouble :no_mouth:

If you could let me know the iOS version number and app version number that would be grand! I can then see if we’ve got s ticket for this already :ok_hand:

Regarding your email account, sorry to hear that :sleepy: We can swap email addresses if you get in touch and if you use the in app chat to let us know the email address of your old account we should be able to close it and get the money back to you! :ok_hand:


The app version is 1.9.32 and I’m using my iPad with iOS version 11.3.1 :slight_smile:

Oh and with regard to the email account, it was just used for the community forum. I changed my original email for the bank account, but forgot to do the same for the forum… Thanks though! :ok_hand: