iOS 11 + TF 1.9.14 (335)

The TestFlight version of the Monzo (prepaid) app keeps crashing on my iPhone running latest version of iOS 11.

It will work for a couple of hours then when I next try to open it, it continues to crash.

Deleting and installing resolves the issue for a couple of hours until it continues to crash - doing an app reset doesn’t resolve the issue for me.

I’ve just reverted to the AppStore version, hopefully it is stable on my iPhone :man_shrugging:t2:

I thought TestFlight was only being used for the Current Account?

Looks like the version in the AppStore is the same one in TestFlight



My test flight is still 335 too. Maybe they pushed then pulled the version you have?

Or ‘355’ is a typo :slight_smile:

Yep was a typo… just changed it :eyes:

This version has now been superseded.