iOS 11 + TF 1.9.14 (335)

(Adam) #1

The TestFlight version of the Monzo (prepaid) app keeps crashing on my iPhone running latest version of iOS 11.

It will work for a couple of hours then when I next try to open it, it continues to crash.

Deleting and installing resolves the issue for a couple of hours until it continues to crash - doing an app reset doesn’t resolve the issue for me.

I’ve just reverted to the AppStore version, hopefully it is stable on my iPhone :man_shrugging:t2:

(Colin Robinson) #2

I thought TestFlight was only being used for the Current Account?

(Adam) #3

Looks like the version in the AppStore is the same one in TestFlight

(Frank) #4

My test flight is still 335 too. Maybe they pushed then pulled the version you have?

(Colin Robinson) #5

Or ‘355’ is a typo :slight_smile:

(Adam) #6

Yep was a typo… just changed it :eyes:

(MikeF) closed #7

This version has now been superseded.