Last Payment Date on Direct Debit

Hopefully not doubling up on anyone else’s suggestion here, but is there any way the Direct Debit history / search visibility could be enhanced?

I have several DD instructions with the same provider (in this example, LV=). I have home and vehicle insurance with them, both of which have recently renewed. As part of the renewal, new instructions were setup (why they couldn’t continue on the old instruction I don’t know!), so I’ve jumped from 2x, to 4x DD’s with the same provider - all of which are for different amounts due to policy changes.

There’s no simple way to identify those which are “current”. Given that the provider is the same, when I look at the payment history within the DD settings search returns all payments associated with LV=. Logic says that the two most recent payments (for different amounts) are the correct instructions and I can delete the old ones, but the chance of deleting the incorrect one makes me nervous…

What would be ideal would be a “history” interface for each DD, returning only the transactions relating to that instruction against each date (First Direct did this). Based on that I could see clearly which were the old instructions based on dates taken, and could safely delete them.

I know I could do this based on reference, payment amount, historical searching etc. but it’s not as simple as it could be IMO. I don’t like having DD’s sitting around unnecessarily - I want to be able to quickly see those that are still relevant based on historical transactions within the DD interface.


On my Scheduled Payments page, the ones that are older and haven’t been paid recently have a ‘last paid’ date while the current ones say ‘Monthly on…’ so if you wait a bit, the stale ones may well be identified for you.

Thanks, that’s useful to know. I don’t see that on any of mine yet, but will keep an eye out… :slight_smile: