Payment list - amount and date missing

I have a couple of direct debits where the amount and date doesn’t show in my payments list, the DD is there and comes out OK every month but because the amount and date doesn’t show on my payments list the left to pay amount when budgeting is wrong. Had anyone else experienced this?

I have a couple that have no amount, although one does have a date; they are both for credit cards, one for Barclaycard has not yet been paid (I’ve not used it, thanks to lockdown) and the other for Amex has a date it was last paid (in June) but that’s it.

It may be if the DD is too variable it’s not counted? I can’t say for definite.

most of my DDs are variable, utilities, mobile phone etc but no issue with those. One of the ones where there is no amount or date showing is my council tax which is fixed. Its a bit frustrating when calculating a budget, have to manually add things on.

If you go to your main feed and find the latest debit, click it then scroll down and click on the repeating payment toggle, does that help?

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That worked. You are a legend!

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Yes, I think it tries to work out which are repeating but sometimes you have to deliberately force it to mark it as such.

Glad that fixed your problem!

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