FAO London Tube Users

A must read for anyone who uses the Tube and uses different devices to pay.

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What a fool… She clearly doesn’t keep a close eye on her finances if she only realised after being charged more than £700 worth of charges!


Obviously not a Monzo customer :joy:


The lesson here is to check your bank statements (Monzo feed) every month. I guess it’s fairly easy to misunderstand the ‘same device’ rule, but to not notice you’ve been paying up to £16 for single tube journeys AND incurring overdraft charges was down to sheer laziness.


To be perfectly honest same device rule feel a bit out-dated… I think they could introduce different measures to prevent people cheat the system without trading off the convenience…

I think it’s just down to a technical reason. The Apple/G Pay version of your bank card has a different number to your physical card. So it is essentially a different card. TfL have no idea the different card numbers are going back to the same account.


Well, they do, because they display it as different instance of the same card inside your account, with usually around 5 minutes delay. Considering they charge you daily on contactless, they would have processed all needed information by the time they do charge you.

Also, I am pretty sure that is imposed by TfL to fight people sharing their cards/devices/etc…


Ah I didn’t know this. I get free tube travel :sunglasses:




I saw a long thread about this on Reddit this week (possibly the same person who posted their story on MSE) and am pretty shocked it could happen. There are announcements and posters at every station reminding people to use the same device, but I guess I can see how some people just stroll through life without ever paying any attention to advice.

Because they’re too focussed on their devices perhaps…


It’s hard to be sympathetic when it is signposted very clearly and over tannoys very often.


:joy::joy::joy: I put this on to warn people (I don’t live anywhere near London) didn’t realise it was so obvious.

While £707 is a bit extreme to not go unnoticed, I would definitely recommend anyone who uses contactless to sign up for a TFL account.

It gives you a full journey history and payment breakdown - and will give you a notifications if you’ve got any maximum charges on your account.

There’s been times when I have tapped in and out correctly, and for some reason it hasn’t registered properly and has lead to a charge. So worth a check


So TfL is a big exception here: they are able to ‘reverse’ the DPAN to get the PAN (ie. take your Android Pay card number and turn it into your card number). I don’t think there are any other merchants that can do this. It’s why, as @valbg says, you can see the separate cards being automatically added to your TfL account.

I don’t know why they don’t reconcile this :man_shrugging: