Large transaction

Making a large payment is such a pain in the ass, much as I appreciate monzo taking extra safety precautions, it is a very dull painful and slow process getting the daily limit raised to cover a large cost purchase. There must be a more monzo tech way to achieve this.


What do you suggest?

I’m not the OP, but suggestions could include

  1. Raise the 10k limit, it is set by Monzo themselves
  2. In the chatbot have an option for raising a limit which asks for the ID selfie and then goes in as an urgent request - cutting down the steps required
  3. Be able to request a higher limit up to a week in advance. If I know that on Monday I need to do a 25k transaction, let me set that up before the weekend

For once it’ll be great if a Monzo staff who has powers to make this happen goes “yeah those three points would be easy enough to achieve and would dramatically improve customer experience” ill respond to say it’s been noted and we plan to implement asap.

“No need for further replies, and thanks for the ideas.”

What will happen instead is we’ll get this same thread in a few days time from another customer, and we’ll all have a moan at how crap it is at the moment and offer theses same solutions.

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A one time, advanced notice of a large transaction would simplify matters and be as secure as the existing arrangements.

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