Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

REQUEST: can there be an auto split function too so that any spend on the joint card is automagically split in two and then funded from both current accounts

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Does the graph at the top appear once you’ve had the account for a month?

I’ve heard it’s three months for the graph

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That’s a shame…

I love the clean look of it without the graph!


Me too I really like the clean white look and feel!

2 Months and 3 Days according to Tas. (I think that should say 2 calendar months).


Thanks for this! :smiley:

The ability to slide it out of the way as you scroll down the feed would be cool, if you scroll horizontally on the graph it should stay and the feed move in correspondence. Isn’t the Pulse graph supposed to be white rather than blue on Joint accounts anyway?

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So far so good.

A big bit of functionality I would like though are pots in my JA. I would like to seperate money for a set purpose in the account. Is this coming any time soon?

In the long run, I would like the JA to have pots with rules, so mortgage payments come out of the mortgage pot etc

Would quite happily have the option to not have it activated at all. I personally don’t find any benefit from the pulse graph, especially in a JA

Just wanted to flag this idea up again, as it would be really useful for me too!

We use separate accounts for personal, and joint account for bills etc. So we only carry our personal cards with us.

However - petrol is from the shared budget, so currently we buy fuel and then have to move the right amount from the joint account to whichever personal account we paid with. It’s fine, and it works… but it would be much tidier to just move the transaction to the joint account after the fact, as though it was made with the joint card in the first place.


…And have an option to automatically fund from current accounts for transactions made on the joint card. You mentioned using it for bills. Bills could automatically be split and funded from both current accounts automatically saving the time having to send money from each account retrospective

I want similar functionality and have requested it too.

Another alternative would be for them to release shared pots (which is I believe is already on their roadmap) - then you could use IFTTT.

If {{Transaction}} THEN ‘move to shared pot’ {{transaction}} / 2


It would be nice if transactions could be moved between accounts - e.g. when you accidentally use wrong card , you could still move the transaction to the other account later.


I like the fact that transactions in the JA are “tagged” with the avatar of the person responsible.

However, this also is happening with some (but not all) of the transactions in my personal account.

Is this intentional?


Why only some of the personal account transactions tagged and not all of them?

I’d like none of the personal account transactions tagged if that is possible.

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So far we’re really happy with our joint account, apart from pots the only thing we are missing is the ability to search/filter by card.

e.g. I can search for all transactions at Costa, but what I really want to know is who goes/spends more, me or my partner :thinking::grimacing:


So, I’m either stupid in not realising this was available / possible, or Monzo snuck tags in for Joint Accounts :slight_smile:

Hmm tags has always been available. You can’t tag transfers though at all on Monzo

Perhaps I made an incorrect assumption based on viewing a transfer in that case… I was convinced tags weren’t available on Joint Account transactions and thought I had seen someone else post similar.

Irrespective, they are there :grinning:

A few questions on joint accounts.
When will proper official joint account cards be issued?
When will pots be coming to joint accounts?
When will a current to joint account switching service be offered?

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