KYC provider

Who is Monzo’s KYC provider please? I struggled to find out. We are looking at Experian, HooYu and others for our own customer experience and like the Monzo feel. Recommendations for good KYC providers much appreciated. Thx

They apparently work with Jumio for ID verification, if that’s what you’re interested in:

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Think it’s onfido as well for the AML checks

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They are using Jumio.

@Rat_au_van I have mixed opinions about Onfido having used them in the past. I would definitely choose Jumio over them.

What’s the problem with them? They appear in one of my credit reports from both Monzo and Freetrade so must be a commonly used company

Not saying they are not commonly used, but their API is a bit too complicated to deal with in my opinion. You have to essentially create objects on their end (and keep track of those on your end) and make sure everything is in sync. I much prefer the Jumio way where you have a single endpoint to which you submit the information and get an accept/decline either immediately or via webhook but that’s it.


Thanks for both replies…Onfido look like a good option…

Thanks for this further info Andre…really useful and worth knowing…