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Hey folks,

I’ve been looking into using Monzo and am interested in finding out more about the use of facial recognition.

The video created during signup is matched to your ID and verified by a company called Jumio. They utilise biometric facial recognition, machine learning and face matching. I’m looking into how Jumio use our data - whether it’s as a one off or whether it’s put to further use.

From what I have gleaned Jumio use there own proprietary system to verify ID on behalf of Monzo. They hold on to Monzo user data as long as Monzo have instructed them to. I’m waiting to hear back from Monzo how long this is. Hopefully they’ll also be able to share the extend that facial data is used for.

Has anyone on here had a look into how their data is verified or got any more info on how, specifically video and facial recognition is used?


I haven’t.

But I’m hoping my sign-up vid will be held on file for as long as I am a Monzo customer to help stop other parties from trying to access my financial data.


I’m never surprised when stuff like this just turns out to be an army of low paid workers.


Good point, though I’ve not seen anything regarding follow up checks using FR.

From Monzo privacy statement:

How long we keep it

We keep your data as long as you’re using Monzo, and for 6 years after that to comply with the law. In some circumstances, like cases of anti-money laundering or fraud, we may keep data longer if we need to and/or the law says we have to.

How do you instruct Jumio regarding this?

What do they do with this data? A bit more detail on how it’s verified and what else it is used for please.


Looks like you’re out of luck mate. There are very few details forthcoming on this, both here and via CS.

I hope to hear something this week.

On a side note, do you know if other fintech companies use the same video verification methods?


Jumio were very quick to respond - they cannot answer and stated all info has to come from Monzo to customers. They will not answer Monzo customers directly.

Is there any way of tagging Monzo technical peeps or CS on here to try and elicit a response?

Since Monzo need to keep records for 6 years after the account is closed I imagine it’s the same

Not sure how much they can share about the use of this in the KYC procedure but maybe @simonb could find out if there’s anything that can be shared

I understand that Monzo may have to hang on to data, there are rules on that after all, but 3rd parties do not. After all, we have no direct contact with the,. That comes down to the agreement/T&C between Monzo and any 3rd party.

There are also rules governing how data is handled and that for a company with such high levels of transparency and keen CS I was hoping for some detail from Monzo about what they allow Jumio to do with the video and ID data.

I’m not looking for procedural info on KYC, but the basic of what they do with our data. Given that this info is not in the Monzo data protection documentation and they have not been able to answer me on the phone or via e-mail, it’s peaked my interest.

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Another day goes by and no response. :frowning: Kinda disappointed. My normal bank are perfectly adept as not answering queries and I was hoping for something different. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in what sort of response you’d be after. The Monzo Privacy Policy is explicit in the fact that personal data is shared with third parties for the purpose of identification:

We may share your personal information with:

Analytical, Know Your Customer (KYC) and cyber security service providers.

This comes with a set of rights:

You have a right to:

  • Access the personal data we hold about you, or to get a copy of it.
  • Make us correct inaccurate data.
  • Ask us to delete, ‘block’ or suppress your data, though for legal reasons we might not always be able to do it.
  • Object to us using your data for direct marketing and in certain circumstances ‘legitimate interests’, research and statistical reasons.
  • Withdraw any consent you’ve previously given us.

I would have thought that what Monzo “allow[s] Jumio to do with the video and ID data” is implicit in the provision of KYC services. I.e. Monzo gives them a video selfie and they return with a verification value.

Are you concerned that Monzo might somehow be selling this data? Or that Jumio might be using it for purposes that aren’t related to KYC?

If you’ve gone through selfie verification, then I’m presuming that a subject access request to both Monzo and Jumio would reveal the data they hold on you.

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Hi Peter, I was looking for a response to my questions regarding:

The length of time that Monzo has instructed Jumio to hold on to Monzo user data?

If Jumio carry only carry out Verification of ID or whether Monzo user data is used in training or machine learning?

Thanks for posting that stuff up - this is very light on detail:

“We may share your personal information with:

Analytical, Know Your Customer (KYC) and cyber security service providers.”

I appreciate your input.

I’m not sure how much Monzo can say about their KYC process ,

Personally I think once they have ‘machine learnt’ new things, part of the KYC would be to rescan with the new points and check if they want to change their value on a verification or flag one for review, KYC checks ideally would be ongoing and I would guess they keep them on their severs for that reason.

For Monzo to say please delete after checking isn’t good imo, I would want them rechecking with new processes, at least from a law enforcement point of view.

Plus when you verify yourself again for a pin reset for example, I believe they check it against your sign up video for extra verification, so as an individual I would want them to do that for extra security.

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