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(Mr N Baxter) #301

Hi Guys, Tried to use Monzo on Birmingham M6 Toll road, contactless didn’t work, not sure if putting the card into the toll booth would have worked as I switched to backup card.

(Alex Sherwood) #302

Thanks for sharing this, did you get an error message in the app at all?

(Mr N Baxter) #303

nothing, the contactless reader just didn’t work, worked fine with my backup card though.

(Alex Sherwood) #304

I guess the terminal was offline then, in which case this won’t be an issue once the debit cards are available.

(Danny) #305

Just an FYI - card not accepted at the parking payment terminals at Churchill Square in Brighton.

(Alex Sherwood) #306

Thanks for sharing this, it is a known issue that’s related to prepaid cards (so it won’t be a problem soon, once Monzo launch their debit cards :tada:) -

(Mike Fuller) #307

Asda seeks authorisation for Β£99 before it dispenses fuel. The decline might just be because prepay isn’t designed to be accepted in unattended terminals though. I have had similar declines in unattended automated terminals even for low value transactions within my balance. (parking machines).
The current account debit card shouldn’t have these issues.


It is not to do with the value of the transaction but due to the category of card (prepay not debit) and that Monzo require online authorization in real time (rather than offline authorization in batch mode).

(Dawid) #309

I just had contactless declined at Tesco, perhaps because I haven’t used the card for two weeks?

(Marta) #310

That’s definitely not the reason. :slight_smile: Did you get any message in the app?

(Dawid) #311

Nothing, just that it’s been declined, I had to use pin and then it worked… I wonder why?

(Marta) #312

Then Naji’s response in other topic is the best explanation:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #313

Query on functionality

Daft question perhaps, but why are some entries on this site in blue and the rest black?

(Josh Bray) #314

Blue relates to links and other references. So this includes quotes from other posts.
Black is just the normal text.

(eM) #315

This might be a known issue, but it seems golden ticket distribution thru FB messenger is not working. Tried twice, with two different tickets with my friend and both times it thinks the un-used ticket has been expired. When trying the second ticket thru email, it worked. Could be worth checking up on this? I think this has been mentioned somewhere else in the forum too.

(Tommy Long) #316

I reported this to support recently. It seems that Messenger is stripping the information off of the end of the link that actually has the Golden Ticket ID in it.

(Jake Oliver) #317

Yeah knowing facebook I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove all querystring data which is a tad bit stupid considering how important that information is sometimes

(Tommy Long) #318

I think it’s just utm_* querystrings that are stripped. There are commonly used for analytics tracking. For some reason Monzo use these for the Golden Ticket info

(Alex Sherwood) #319

I expect the UTM parameters are what Monzo’s using to link the golden tickets to our accounts for attribution aka this sort of thing -

(Luke Steadman) #320

Unable to use my Monzo card on the M6 Toll road in Birmingham, UK. Assuming it needed authentication before allowing me to pass through the gate.