Known Issues + Bugs iOS Specific 

(Simon Tomes) #3

I tried again later today and couldn’t recreate the issue. I was correctly prompted with the add receipt feature.

I gotta hunch my last view of the Monzo app prior to this was on the Home tab.

(Genevieve) #4

Downloaded the app on my iPad and referred some people, but not showing the countdown number until I receive my card or that I referred someone.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Is the app displaying the countdown number now?

If not, this will be the reason

(Genevieve) #6

Hi thanks I just read the thread you mentioned, yes its exactly the same screen. Not changing, but not too worried about it now that I know it’s a bug, will keep referring and just wait for a notification/email.

(Cole Walker) #7

I’m sure you’re aware, but the ‘stuck on invite screen’ issue still persists.

Bit of a shame that the app appears to freeze/crash on the invite screen like this given that the welcome email states “If you haven’t already, download the Monzo app now to see where you are in the waiting list”.

I’m now wishing I’d taken Tom up on his offer of taking a card directly from him at this morning’s FSF conference!

Should I delete and reinstall the app?

(Naji Esiri) #8

@coleman Hey! At the moment we are running two different waiting list screens simultaneously as a test. This means that some people can see their place in the queue whilst others just see the ‘Invite Friends’ screen. If you can only see this, you are still moving up the queue it’s just your queue place won’t be visible and the screen won’t change until you reach the top! It’s not ideal we know and it’s not something we’re definitely sticking with. We need to take another look at the welcome e-mail wording in particular as this could cause some confusion. Happy to find out your queue place if you want you direct message me with your registration e-mail?

(Dave Berry) #9

Touch ID issue. There is a short delay between opening the app and the ‘Touch ID for monzo’ box appearing. If my finger is on the sensor during that period Touch ID fails and try again will fail until the app is closed and restarted.

I know I’m a dinosaur, using iPhone 5S on whatever iOS 10 is current.

(Brendan Lawton) #10

After setting a target and hitting ‘done’ in the top right, you are returned to the spending screen but the white translucent loading overlay doesn’t disappear and the progress icon doesn’t change.

You need to close/reopen the app to be able to use it.

iOS 10.3.1
iPhone 5s
Monzo 1.9.5 #315

(Richard Grundle) #11

Sometimes when I receive a payment from a friend with Monzo, it doesn’t display their name and has “P2P” followed by a mixture of letters and numbers? It happened twice in the past 2 weeks.

iOS 10.3.2
iPhone 6s
Monzo 1.9.9

(Rika Raybould) #12

This one is a known server side issue. Let us know using in-app chat and we can resync the payment to your feed to fix it.


iOS 11.0.2 iPhone 8. When I tap on Active card check notifications (both the banners and the entry within the app), the app crashes


iOS 11.1 beta. I received a payment from another Monzo user on Wednesday, and it was displayed correctly at first (name of sender, the note he added…). Since then it changed and the transaction is now shown as “P2P: p2p_00009PPk81O19xg…” and seems to be classed as a top-up.

(Rika Raybould) #16

This one is a backend bug, rather than anything to do with iOS. If you drop a note in support chat, we can fix that payment. :+1:


A couple things I thought I’d report.

  1. Maybe not so much a bug but performance/UX, I’m using the v1.9.18 b342 from TestFlight (blue background current account) and am finding the application much slower. For example switching tabs can take multiple seconds. I’m using a iPhone 6 and the old versions of the app felt a lot more responsive.

  2. Also I’ve been getting thrown to the login screen quite a lot of times I open the application. I have to force kill the app and try multiple times before it remembers I’m logged in. (I’ve reported this on an old thread where it also use to be an issue).

(Jason Cabot) #19

A minor but slightly annoying for my OCD bug:

On a narrow iPhone (iPhone SE) with a Current Account, when tapping on the Account tab, it displays my balance, Current Account, Monzo card, PIN, Freeze and Settings aligned to the right until you swipe right to the “Create Pot” screen and back again. I would expect them to always be centered

OS: iOS 11
Device: iPhone SE
App: Monzo 1.9.19 #353

(Jason Cabot) #20

Haha and it’s fixed already in 1.9.20 - that was quick work :wink:

(Rikk Richardson) #21

Not sure if this is exactly the right place to report it, but I’m getting frequent (90% of transactions) crashes of the iOS app, since current account switching and re-installing app. Every notification coming through, for payments both incoming and outgoing, I open up, Touch ID into the app and it usually app crashes before loading the transaction. Re-opening the app seems to be fine each time after.

v 1.9.21
iOS 11.1.2
iPhone 7 Plus

(Ray Singh) #22

I’m having exactly the same problem. I upgraded my prepaid to CA and experienced some issues. Then advised to clean install and reset session which helped solving basic issues but now every time an incoming transfer or spending notification comes through app crashes. Perhaps something to do with my FaceID login method? Every time this happens, I have to restart the app and then it works fine!

I’m using:

Monzo iOS 1.9.21
On iPhone X
iOS 11.2

(Erinc Erol) #23

There is a bug on payments to friends if the app is installed from backup and touch id authentication was enable.

In settings, touch id authentication shows that it was enabled but every time when you try to make a payment to a friend, app is asking for the pin code rather than touch id. I believe it’s a bug around iOS security when phone is loaded from backup, it resets all the touch id authorisations and probably Monzo app is doing the same. However settings still display as if it is activated.

The work around is disable and enable again, but it would be nice to get it fixed if possible as I believe it is not easy for everyone to find that out.

(Hugh Wells) #24

Yeah, this is a general bug around Touch ID with the app. Anytime you delete and reinstall it you won’t get prompted to reenable Touch ID. I did discuss this with an engineer and I think he is looking into it when he’s back from holiday :raised_hands: