Receipts Bug

I’ve had this bug for so long, I assumed it would be fixed in recent updates but it hasn’t been, and I’m wondering do other people experience it?

Basically I can’t view or add a receipt to a transaction if I’ve got there through the search function.
I’m on latest app version (but it’s been a problem for probably 4 or 5 versions now) on iPhone X.

Steps to recreate:
Use the magnifying glass to search for a transaction with or without a receipt (little paperclip button is handy for finding receipt ones)
Go into the transaction and click "Add a receipt"
For me, the button does nothing.

If there was a receipt already added, it won’t show it, until I close down the transaction and the search function, and the receipt will be sitting there on the home screen. If there wasn’t a receipt, I simply can’t add one. I’d have to scroll to the transaction rather than search for it.

Anyone else get this?

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Hey! Will flag this up with the Product team new and update you on when to expect a fix :+1:

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Thanks Naji :blush: Can someone else confirm they get this bug and it isn’t just me?

It’s not just you. I just tested this and the bug is present for me too :+1:t2:


Quick update @InfamousTeal It’s been pulled up by the Product team - they’ll be working on a fix soon!


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