iOS Update 29/01/18

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I downloaded the updated Monzo App today on IOS. Unfortunately I’ve just had to delete and reinstall the app just a minute ago, as it kept locking up after the finger print prompt. I had been unable to get into the app.

I am just waiting for the email to allow me into the app after the installation of the app, but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this issue or whether it had been flagged up by anyone else?



My iOS app opened just fine after the update but I don’t use Touch ID so maybe the bug is only related to that.

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It works fine for me.

iPhone 6
iOS 11.2.2

Updated Monzo app this afternoon and, while it seemed to open a tad slower than before, it’s a very marginal difference.

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I’ve now reinstalled the app and it seems to be working fine now.

This is the first time I’ve had an issue with the app, so wondered anyone if anyone else was having any problems and whether it had been flagged up.


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Since reinstalling the latest update of the monzo app, after I couldn’t log in, my payments screen doesn’t have my monzo friends and my phone contacts that use to be in this section.

Is this part of the update or is there something I’ve not got turned on? I have ‘payments with friends’ ticked in my settings.


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I haven’t noticed any change since the update.