Know any good freelance writers? 📝

Hi Beatrice, my brother, James York, has recommended me :slight_smile: I would love to talk to you about your copywriting project. I’m just coming back to writing (having been on a career break since having my children!) and think I would be a great fit to work with you on developing the content on Monzo.

I can create engaging and easily digested articles for your How Money Works section. I have written on a variety of legal and financial topics while working in-house at accountancy and law firms and make potentially complex or technical subjects straightforward to understand - with no jargon!

I have also written a software user manual for a large police force, plus numerous training guides for the companies I have worked at previously. I can help you break down the different features of Monzo into simple ‘how to’ guides that your customers will be able to use to make the most of their accounts with you. For example, I thought that your intro to IFTTT and applets in the guide on automation would make a great topic to expand on with a guide of its own.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my work. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,
Marie Fieldhouse

P.S. you can find out a bit more about me and the copywriting services I provide on my website:

P.P.S. I wasn’t able to DM you for some reason, so forgive the long reply!!

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Hey :wave:, I distil complex technical topics into easy to read blog posts here:

I kind of write about personal finance in the sense that I reply to the finance / fintech threads on here :monzo: (just click on my profile) and I write financial monthly roundups for myself on my blog (not going to link here as it’s too personal for me to link).

Not a copywriter or a professional journalist, just a student that enjoys learning about complex topics enough to write clear, easy to understand blog posts on them :grin: :sparkles:

Hi Bea,

I work as a freelance writer, designer and digital marketer for various tech startups. My writing career started in art journalism, but has since expanded to writing for industries such as technology, finance and property. I have written a wide range of content including articles, blogposts, press releases, talks, social media posts and ads, email marketing, website and product copy, tone of voice guidelines, privacy policies and terms & conditions. I’d love to be considered as a freelance writer for Monzo.

You can find some examples of my writing in my clippings portfolio linked below. This includes simple explanations of complex topics such as the blog series ‘Get Ready For GDPR’ I wrote earlier this year for an app called Okappy and another blog series on ‘Money Saving Hacks’ for FirstHomeCoach.

Clippings Portfolio:


If you would like any more information or a CV just let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


I’m a freelance writer and I’ve worked across various personal finance titles for the past eight years, including most recently This is Money for three years.

I’d love to get involved with writing content for Monzo, my details are as follows:

Rebecca Goodman

Many thanks,


Hey @bea, I’m a freelance writer myself. Been using Monzo for a couple years. Would be keen to know more about this opportunity! I’m on lottie c gross at gmail dot com, and you can stalk my work at! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @bea, I’m a freelance writer and I’d love to get involved. You can get in touch with me at and see some examples of my work on my LinkedIn page - including an article about finance apps from a couple of years back. I’ve been working in the tech industry producing documentation, how-to guides and explainers on complex topics like Blockchain for several years.

Hi Bea - I’m a freelance writer and editor (and Monzo user!) available now. My LinkedIn is here, and I’m on

Thanks, and here’s hoping!



I’m a newsstand magazine editor who’s about to go freelance. I’m a fully qualified news journalist with more than 15 years experience writing and editing. Portfolio here: if you’re interested.



Hey Bea,

I’d love to be considered for writing for Monzo. I’m a freelance journalist and writer with four years’ experience writing for online platforms. You can see my full writing portfolio here: and to contact it’s lydiamorrish[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you!

Hi Bea,

I would love to get involved with writing for Monzo. I am a freelance personal finance journalist with more than a decade of experience and and have written for This is Money, The Times and The Mail on Sunday on a range of money issues.

You can see my portfolio at but I have included some examples of educational pieces below.

Kind regards


Hi Beatrice!

I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter. At the minute, I tend to write on tech and business, so writing for the Monzo team about money is certainly in my skillset!

You can find some of my work here It would be great to help your team out!

I hope to hear back from you!

Otis Robinson

Hi Bea, yes - me! I am a freelance copywriter and I’ve done a lot of writing aimed at making money (specifically investing) understandable to people who aren’t professional investors or bankers. I wrote the scripts for the investment videos here and was also part of the team that set up the sensible investing tv website, My contact details are on my website if you’d like to talk! Thanks - Mary

Hi, I would love to explore the opportunity. I run a financial education company and have done some writing and videos in the past.

Hi Bea, I’d be really interested in this, too! I’m a freelance journalist with lots of experience writing and talking about money and finance (Shares magazine, Share Radio, Reuters, The Independent).

I tried to send you a DM, but I wasn’t allowed to, but I’d be happy to send over more information if you have an email address?

Could you give me an idea of rates, too, please?



Hi Bea, I’m a freelance journalist and actually interviewed your founder for a piece in Mail On Sunday years ago, when I first became a Monzo member! Would love to hear more about this and can send over a CV, links to previous work etc. I regularly write for national and consumer media.

Could you please provide an email address and rates?



Hi Beatrice!

This looks super interesting. I’m an experienced freelance content writer, producing content for Perkbox, Condé Nast and various other companies. Specific to this opportunity, I write HR guides for the Perkbox blog, covering a huge range of topics from financial guidance, business management, personal motivation tips, engagement strategies and wellness in the workplace. I’d love to write for Monzo about similar topics!

Here are a few links to pieces I’ve written recently similar to the Monzo articles:

To contact me, please email
Thank you!

Hi Bea,

I’d love to help you create more educational content for Monzo’s blog. I work for LS:N Global (the editorial platform at trends consultancy The Future Laboratory) where I head up the company’s FinTech vertical.

Most of our content sits behind a paywall but I’m happy to send over PDFs if you share you can share your email address with me.

Mine is

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi there,
I noticed that you are looking for freelance writers, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring (it looks like you’ve had a great response, but I’m confident I could do a great job for you.) I’m Rowan Martin, a freelance copywriter based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I write blog posts and articles on a weekly basis for a diverse range of clients. Please pay a quick visit to my website, , where you will find work examples, client testimonials and full details of my services and rates. I have written in the financial sector for several clients, most recently regarding bitcoin (which is and isn’t within the financial sector, which was why this work was so fascinating!) Please do get back to me with any questions you might have. My blog posts and articles are affordable, 100% original, thoroughly researched and tailored to your target audience. I am adept at moderating my tone of voice and language to suit the sector for which I’m writing. These are capable and experienced hands, so I hope you’ll consider picking me out of the crowd! Thank you for the opportunity and kind regards, Rowan Martin.

Hey Bea,

I’m a freelance Social Media Manager & Copywriter and I use MONZO religiously now to organise my finances. It’s a hard slog doing your own taxes / keeping money in separate pots but Monzo seems to have been the answer to a lot of my problems.

I’d love to get involved and write some articles. I’m also a blogger and have written a few posts about savings, so I’d love the chance to be a part of the Monzo blogging writing community.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at: HELLO@EMMAVICTORIADIGITAL.COM.

I’d be able to help! I am an Actuary who specialising in communicating complex financial ideas in a simplified way. If you still need help my email address is