Know any good freelance writers? 📝

We’re looking for freelance writers to help us create more educational content!

They’ll work with me and Peggy to help build out the posts we’ve been publishing in the How Money Works section of the blog, and write more guides on how to use Monzo (like this one).

If you know any experienced writers who can explain complex topics clearly – please let me know! Extra points if they’ve written about personal finance in the past.

If you have their details and portfolios, please DM me or thread them below, along with any questions!

Thank you! :smile:


Yes I know a couple. Is it a paid gig or for the love of Monzo?? :wink:

Just sent someone I know a message :eyes:

Hmm. I may need to text my brother…

Hi, I’ve popped you over a smalll message. “Small” message … :nerd_face:

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Is this for UK residents only? My partner is a fantastic writer (has already written an example article for Monzo!) but is a US passport holder.

How exciting! :tada:

I’ve sent you an email, hope you get a moment to read it :blush:

Hey @bea! Would love to speak to you about this. We are an economic literacy charity ( and have been writing about Money for a long time! My e-mail is - I can’t fathom how to DM you? :smiley:

Hi Bea! I’m a freelance journalist - I don’t have much experience in personal finance content but do have experience in simplifying complicated information for the average person, so would be comfortable doing this in that area. I used to work for Yahoo and currently contribute to Bustle among other places. You can find examples of my work here:

You can do it one of two ways :smile:

Reply to the first post and in the reply window (top left) tap the little arrow icon, then instead of sending the message as a reply you can send a DM :sunglasses:

Alternatively you can tap on Bea’s profile and tap message (at the top of the page) :blush:


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Not sure if new Discourse users can do that? His avatar has no number on it.

Hey, I’m a full time journalist and I write. I can send you my portfolio. My email is

Hi Beatrice,

I recently had a nice chat with Harry Ashbridge about writing for Monzo. I just finished a project with Deloitte and really love the idea of working with such a nice brand.

My portfolio: []
My email is [mina.miller AT]


Hi Beatrice, I’ve worked with brands like Lenovo and tech blogs to explain complex info simply, and i’ve done financial services work too. I tried to DM, but can’t figure out how to do it - so either drop me a message here, or email me at:

(I’m a Monzo account holder too!)

See my reply to @nexusmaniac above :arrow_up:

I’d love to get on board. My email is!

Hi Bea!

Given the replies to this thread you may well be fixed for now, but just thought I’d pop my details over anyway. I’m a financial services consultant in comms and marketing and have worked at two high street banks in the last few years; prior to that I was in ed-tech marketing and freelance journalism.

Re banking, I’ve worked on customer letters (often explaining accounts/services or notices of variation), intranet articles, blog posts and user guides about personal finance and legal insurance.

Here’s my portfolio:, would love to hear from you if you’re still looking.

Best wishes

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Hi Bea,

I’m a London-based freelance writer and voice actor with Fintech experience. Definitely interested. My portfolio link is below; also have some longer form finance pieces I can send. Unfotunately, couldn’t seem to DM you on here. Let me know and I can ping them over to you.


07480 855 853
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Hi @bea. My name’s Sam Clark, I’m a journalist for a legal trade publication. In the past I have written about tech, including Monzo specifically. You can see my portfolio here. I am also a Monzo user, of course. I’d be keen to learn more - I can be contacted at

All the best,

Hi Bea, how are you?
I saw your post about financial writing and thought it’s something I’d really like to help out on.

I work at Hargreaves Lansdown, an investment firm based in Bristol (website has all info etc).
I speak to customers on a daily basis and my job is to help with enquiries and explain complex financial topics. Ranging from stock market to interest or tax difference. I have often been told by customers I have a very simple and great teaching nature to me as I truly think how the customer would and think of easy comparisons and ways to explain.
I have sometimes spoken for over an hour on calls to clients because they felt they could ask me so many questions. Clients have sometimes said I should run lectures or actually go into teaching.

I have such a strong passion for finance and informing it to others to help them be wiser. I really love Monzo and have been looking for a best way I could help be more involved and I think this sounds perfect match for us both.

Please let me know if you are still looking for writers? What topics are you looking to explain? Money as a general? How it flows around economy and countries etc? Or particular topics?
Interest? Tax? Gross/net? Standing order or direct debit etc etc.

Really excited about this and look forward to hearing from you.


Josh Turrell

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