Any interested freelance Monzo devs?

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Hey there,

I’m a product manager who is very committed to using Monzo at the centre of my personal finance system. I currently use a Google Sheet to manage all of my expenditure.

At the end of each month I have to manually input Monzo transaction categories into my spreadsheet. I also have to update my budgets at the beginning of each month.

I’m wondering whether there are any developers with Monzo API experience who want to work on a freelance project to automate this process. I’d write clear user stories with acceptance criteria, we’d agree on a fixed budget and I’d pay promptly after the work is finished.

If you’re interested let me know with a direct message or responding to this post!

Thanks so much.

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For personal accounts this can be done by using IFFFT I believe, not done it myself as would need to work with Joint accounts