How do we feel about KitKats?


I just got this box as a free gift for being a premium subscriber.

Tokyo Treat were offering a flavour of KitKat for new subscribers who signed up to premium. Current subscribers commented that they wanted it … They’re a bit cryptic with replies sometimes :eyes: so I thought nothing of it.

Got an email a couple of weeks ago about ‘my order’ for a KitKat box. Said it was free and definitely from Tokyo Treat so I thought oooooo and didn’t question it.

Thought it might be just one flavour.


Community Roundup - 1/6/18
(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #2

You can send the rum & raisin to me, should you not like them. Just doing my duty.

(Brian Hunter) #3

Love them.


I think you’re eating that wrong though.

(Brian Hunter) #5

No idea what you mean, Beth…


I did not know this was a thing. Thank you for showing me the way @BethS

(Alex Rogers) #8

This hurts my OCD

(Valeri) #9

Can’t wait for my box to arrive this week too!

Pepsi J-Coke Midnight Blue - has to be awesome!!!


(Simon B) #10

What flavor is that Pepsi???

(Herp Derp) #11

Blackcurrant supposdly

(Simon B) #12

If you to go World of Coca-Cola or the Everything Coca-Cola store, you can have a float tray of 14 different variants of soda’s made by Coca-Cola in different countries.

Some of them were absolutely disgusting. There’s this aniseed type one from Italy that made me wanna throw up.

Blackcurrant Pepsi sounds good though.

(Peter Shillito) #13

I tried the ruby chocolate kitkat recently. Pretty tasty, but nothing on the ones I have in/from Japan. The amezake (sweet sake) Kitkats actually have an alcohol percentage on though so be warned!!!

(Valeri) #14

Finishing my fancy KitKats in anticipation

(Valeri) #15


Does not have to contain alcohol. Also - not sake.

(Herp Derp) #16

I think Five Guys and Burger King do different flavors of Pepsi like Strawberry and Orange?

(Simon B) #17

Yeah, I’ve had that, they are still quite generic flavours though, and they are created by simply adding a flavour stream into the existing base flavor, rather than it being a custom created flavour.

(Simon B) #18

(Peter Shillito) #19

oops. spelling. but also amazake is typically translated as sweet sake AFAIK (especially since it’s often used in it), and the Kitkat does indeed have an alcohol percentage.


I LOVED the banana one.

I can’t wait for this month’s box either.

I did not like the white chocolate tea :nauseated_face:

(Maike Wolstenholme) #21