Diet Coke adverts

I’m sorry, I have to get this off my chest.

This is probably one of the worst advertising campaigns I’ve ever seen. The current advert with the guy doesn’t appear to be online but here is the advert from earlier this year with a girl talking about athleisure and yurts.

The hate for the guy on Twitter is prolific (and I do not endorse that, he’s just an actor) but I suspect that the marketing lot have achieved what they really wanted - got everyone talking about it online!


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Oh yeah, saw that at the cinema earlier this week. Gosh I hated that guy with passion.

Did not help with my distaste of artificial sweeteners at all…

Charlton Brooker had it spot on

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Just want to confirm that I don’t hate the guy in the advert - he’s just the actor (who probably regrets taking the part and has gone into hiding).

The American version (featuring Karan Soni) isn’t any better… “Did you get a haircut?”

If anyone fancies a free* 4 pack of Mango Diet Cokes, ask Google or Alexa to “Ask Send Me a Sample Diet Coke”

*At the expense of providing your details for marketing via a company named ‘Send Me a Sample’

Just to add, you do need to say “Ask” and it isn’t a typo on my part.

Genuinely hard to believe that companies can be paid so much to come up with something that does not pass the “laugh test”. Mediocrity by committee

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“Alexa, add Pepsi Max to my shopping list…”


Sophie Hopkins. Who played April in Class, the Doctor Who spin-off helmed by Patrick Ness that was actually really good but criminally overlooked and ultimately sabotaged by the BBC.

It was a great show, and Sophie was really good in it. Much better than Torch “How on earth did that keep going so long?” wood. Would’ve been great to have a second series of Class at least. But, not to be. Ah well.

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Who loves friends that leave voicemails in 2018? I slap them in the face and tell them to sort their life out.


Voicemail should not be a thing anymore.