Huel, Saturo, yfood etc

I just had a thought.

There’s 22 of us at most recent count, at Monzo, who are fans of Huel. We even have a dedicated Slack channel for it :grinning:

Therefore we must have some Huel users in our community too! Anyone? I’ve been having the powder for almost 18 months now and recently bought a box of the bars too, which I like (although opinion was split here at Monzo HQ on those!)


so am i right in thinking you drink Huel, you dont need to eat three square meals?

I have heard of Huel, was never sure what it was supposed to do?

I’m curious too - do you literally not eat solid food?

Does it taste like ass, make you ripped and your poop glow green green?


Hey 2 out of 3 of those sound fun!


I used to have it all the time at work, everyone thought I was weird and questioned me all the time but it’s filling and you get the flavours to mix it up :ok_hand:t3:

living in Australia now so can’t get it :frowning:

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What two though? :eyes:


That is the beauty of mystery.


I’ve always been curious to know what the bars taste like. I’ve been trying to find something to substitute my terrible habit of sweets while on the late shift at work. I’ve been using a different brand of powder that I’ve been enjoying a lot, mostly because it actually tastes good.

Like super dense cocoa and oats. I like them, but opinion has been split here at the office. I’ve found that they keep me full for quite a bit of time. I think the act of actually chewing something is psychologically important towards feeling full and so I mix it up with the shake and with the bars.

My recent routine (since getting the bars) has been : Huel shake in the early afternoon, Huel bar mid afternoon, and then a full (vegan) meal in the late evening.

I think very few people have Huel for every single meal, not even the founder does that, his routine is similar to mine with one “normal” meal a day.

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I did have joylent for a while. I quite liked it but didn’t get hooked. Might give Huel a whirl as Joylent changed their name to Jimmy Joy and that’s just shit.


What about breakfast? I may take a look at it as I snack a lot! :pensive:

Though it’s not caught up with me yet I’m sure it’s around the corner. :eyes:

The shake effectively acts as my breakfast! I work most nights until almost 5am, so I don’t wake up until midday or so.

Not tried Huel, am a massive fan of The Protein Works diet meal replacement Mint Choc Flavour, ice cold milk, throw in an ice cube or two, shake and heaven, it actually tastes like you’re drinking an Aero milkshake and who wouldn’t want to drink that instead of eating salmon and asparagus for the 30th day in a row, I get to pretend I’m being unhealthy (oh and they do vegan protein too @simonb bonus :+1:t5:) maybe I’ll try Huel though if they can beat that decadent milkshake feeling :joy:


This is exactly what I’ve been using, haven’t found a better tasting one and it’s better than eating pizza all the time. :pizza:

@NamesKieran ok so I’m NOT gonna try Huel, let’s face it TPW Mint Choc is heaven might a well use my Monzo card to buy some more of that instead :joy:

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I have no need for high-protein shakes personally as I’m not trying to gain any muscle mass, I simply need a nutritionally complete convenient quick vegan meal.

From the nutritionist who developed Huel.


Looks like you get £5 off each through referrals - I might give a week’s worth a shot once I’m paid, so if anyone wants me to put them down as my referral I can.

My referral link:
I think you need to enter my name: Ricardo Celestino

Cheers :wink:

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The only Huel(l) I knew about!