Keeping prepaid card for those who want both

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I’m enjoying Monzo’s bank account though I want to also keep my monzo prepaid card too. Why? I think the prepaid card is great for specific use cases where you know there’s a heightened risk of loosing your card and you don’t want to expose your entire bank account to those risks. For example, I think the prepaid card is great to take to the gym. If my locker contents got robbed then I know how much I’m potentially loosing, and I also know it’s not going to interfere with any other plans I may have that day because I know my bank card is still safe at home. Are there any plans to let people keep both if they want to?


Not that I have seen.

The Road Map appears to be to migrate the prepaid to the CA by end of 2017.

The CA features will consume those in the PP, however, I agree that for consumers who use their PP card like you, to limit loss in event of adverse event, alas the CA will not meet that requirement and you may have to source a separate pre-paid card from elsewhere.


Just seen this on another thread. It’s from Monzo itself.

Hope it helps.

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The pre-paid card costs a lot to run - it uses a third party processor to deal with all the transactions. That means monzo has no control over how that works and when things go wrong (as has happened a fair few times) it’s been the card processor that has suffered an outage. It’s unreliable, expensive and not monzo’s product effectively.

You can still use a current account in exactly the same way - transfer a pot of money into your CA and spend it as you would do on the pre-pay. It works exactly the same, and if you don’t ask for an overdraft, you won’t get one which means you also can’t overspend.

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(Courtney Halstead - Current Account Holder) #6

I would also benefit from keeping both as I’d like to use my monzo CA as my actual CA rather than in the same way as my PP.

Have you checked out the Pots thread? This is something monzo seem to be working towards (it’s on their road map for within the next 3-6 months) and I imagine this feature will negate the need for a PP Card by allowing you to keep whatever you would normally keep in your CA in one pot and having whatever you would have on your PP in your main pot.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it :slight_smile:

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This is the same reason I’m rooting for an OFFICIAL Monzo Web Dashboard. Due to location security, I tend to keep my card and phone together, or close by, therefore if I lost my bag, or my bag was stolen, I wouldn’t be able to freeze my card unless I downloaded the app on another phone, logged into my email and then verified the app. A web-dashboard would allow me to login on any computer, or device and freeze the card from there.

+ @Chris_R has a good paragraph on why it would be difficult for Monzo to run the pre-paid along side.

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Even better, I hope that eventually we will be able to choose which pot our card is linked to at any given time (using the app). So, in Justin’s example, when he’s heading to the gym, he can just switch his card to be linked to his ‘spending money’ pot, and if his card gets stolen, that’s all that is at risk. [Note that if the card does get stolen, you could freeze it, and Monzo will reimburse any fraudulent charges.]

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What additional security does keeping them together provide you? If you’re talking about Monzo’s “Location based security”, I don’t think having your phone and card in different places will stop you being able to use your card. The information that’s been provided so far indicates that the location of your phone is just one of the signals used to detect fraudulent activity, and it will be more about the pattern of where your phone and card are, not strictly whether they are within a few feet of each other.

As a point of reference, I’ve never even turned on location-based security, and have not had any problems.

(Jolin) #10

No! In this case, you should phone Monzo support and ask them to freeze your card 0800 8021 281. Definitely a better plan than faffing about trying to download and login to the app on a friend’s phone. :wink: :+1:

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Next time I see a question regarding keeping prepaid I’m quoting this :+1: Awesome response

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Add it to the FAQ…

(Hugh) #13

…just doing that :wink:

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #14

How am I going to call them if I’ve lost my card with the number on the back, and the phone I’d use to make the call? Personally, I’d rather not stop someone in the street and ask, sorry can I borrow your phone to look up something on the internet, and then use your phone to call someone… I’d rather get home ASAP, log into my dashboard and freeze it myself, although the phone monzo method is a good idea, it’s not in my best interest.

Keeping them together mainly provides security because I know where they are at all times, I know that my phone and card are with each-other. I don’t go anywhere without my phone, with that, my card either. I also have 4G on at all times & google location, therefore if I lost my bag with my phone and card inside, I could track it.

+ You also just gave me another idea, perhaps there could be a feature for “Trusted Contacts”, who can do SOME things on your account such as freeze a card if needed. :+1:
(I know my friends numbers, therefore I could easily ask to borrow someones phone to call them)

(Courtney Halstead - Current Account Holder) #15

I think they just meant rather than borrowing a phone, downloading the app, logging in to your email and then the app you can just do the above. I don’t think they meant that as an alternative to the dashboard.

I think both your ideas for the online dashbaord and the trusted contacts are great :slight_smile:

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I’ve started a thread based on an idea I had to integrate some kind of calendar, it could be a cool to be able to schedule what pots are default and when, for example from the 14th - 22nd September use the Holiday pot?


I’ve got CA and still have the pre-paid card. Is there a method to close the pre-paid account as both still work?

(Hugh) #18


In a few days the prepaid app will be updated and you will be offered the ability to “merge” your accounts in the prepaid app. At that point you’ll be able to uninstall the separate current account app :slight_smile:

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From the blog

If you’re on the Current Account Preview, look out for an email in the next week or so! That’ll give you instructions on how to close your prepaid account and transfer the money and transaction data over, so you can move back to using one single app (the one with the blue background). You can do this in fewer than five minutes, after which you’ll be able to access Monzo-to-Monzo payments!

(M K) #20

Very useful for when travelling (one card in your hotel and one card in your wallet) as a backup.

Revolut allows this and its probably the only good thing about Revolut.