Payment Reminders / Monzo Calendar

(Courtney Halstead - Current Account Holder) #1

Hi guys!

I thought it might be really useful to have some kind of calendar feature? I initially thought to be integrated with Google / Outlook / Etc, but then actually it might make sense to have an in-app one which you can export if you want.

It could be used to set up payment reminders, which I currently use a lot with my Google calendar, and events which might work really well with the Pots feature, if this ever becomes a thing (Pots).

The way I’m thinking is, say I set up my niece and nephew’s birthdays in the calendar, for each event I can set aside into a ‘Pot’ £10 which will release when I go in-app and say I’ve spent it. I can set a reminder on the 15th to pay my credit card bill for £x (my payments change every month depending on the minimum of another card) and I could set a week’s holiday for which I want to save £300, or more, any money I spend in that week comes from the ‘Pot’.

What do you guys think? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. If this should be more in the ‘Pots’ thread please let me know and I’ll repost, I thought the calendar idea was a separate enough to have it’s own story :):grin:


Keeping prepaid card for those who want both
(Rich Rigby) #2

I like the sound of this idea. It could also be really useful for any bills you have to pay manually. It would be really helpful to get a payment reminder to prompt you to go and pay that bill on a specific date.

(Dwayne) #3

Hi Monzo,

Partner and I love the new pots for current account! We’ve got one idea, as we’ve created a pot to save for future bills (tv license, ground rent, etc), if we were able to set a date and reminder notification in-app for when we plan to spend. This is similar to a calendar reminder arguably but cooler if in a Monzo app :grin:.

(Jolin) #4

You might want to have a look at this thread where Courtney outlined a similar idea:



Building on that - I am in the process of migrating DDs over and it’d be dead handy to have a monthly finances burn down calendar. I guess an evolution of the balance chart that has gone awol.

Add your idea of being able to add reminders as well would make for a really useful month by month projection of finances.