Should I keep my prepaid card?

(Greg Jebb) #1

So I’ve received my shiny new debit card. Am now unsure what do do with my prepaid card.

Is anyone rolling with both? Or should I run down the £1.16 left on my prepaid card and then cut it up?


I kept mine for sending money to other monzo users - top it up from my CA debit card.

Hopefully the CA will have this capability soon though.

(Marta) #3

Prepaid card will eventually be deactivated. I kept mine until this happens since both are fairly separate apps/systems. So my prepaid is a backup card now. :slight_smile:


I just found this, and love the idea (especially if @Slayer1551 makes one where the card can slot in the back of Hot Chip!)

Example from @Avidfanofstuff

(Oliver Ford) #5

Or just freeze it in the app?

:tada: :monzo: :tada:


Don’t cut it up - it’s a rare piece of history you will have there, and there isn’t much risk in keeping it around if the account is at 0 and/or the card is frozen, and even less risk once the prepaid scheme will be completely deactivated.

(MikeF) #7

There won’t be an app for a prepaid card scheme that doesn’t exist…

(Oliver Ford) #8

What? It does exist today, so OP doesn’t need to cut up the card, they can just open the same app they used before getting the CA preview, and freeze it.


Freeze it before the app is withdrawn.

(Greg Jebb) #10

So that same day I had a need to send someone some cash via Monzo, so I had to top up the prepaid card to do just that. Looks like I’ll keep it around for the time being. Although no need to keep the card in my wallet.


When they withdraw the app the cards will be inactive already so no point in “freezing” something that doesn’t work at all anymore.


Yep. There is that, too! :wink:

(MikeF) #13

The point being that once the app is withdrawn and the account is therefore closed freezing will be a meaningless concept.

(Oliver Ford) #14

If the account is closed why would you care about cutting the card up…


I’ll be retiring mine to Collector Cupboard :grinning:

No need for both and the prepaid card will be discontinued once CA up and running fully.

Till then it will be balance countdown.


You can actually request in-app support to refund your balance to whatever card you used to top up, so you can use that to quickly clear your prepaid balance if needed.

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