Just withdrew cash from an ATM at 4,490m (14,730ft) ☀️⛰

(Justin) #1

I’m on a trekking expedition in Western Tibet, and just managed to withdraw cash from one of the highest ATMs here, which I thought was pretty amazing :hugs: It’s the highest I’ve ever been while making a cash withdrawal!

Well done and thanks for helping me on my travels all the way here!

I took this pic in Lhasa earlier this week!

ATM Fees Abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to decide pricing
(Naji Esiri) #2

Amazing picture Justin! Hope you’re having a great time. We might have to nab this for our #TravelTuesday highlight if that’s OK?

(Justin) #3

Hey @Naji, thank you for your response and encouragement :hugs: I’m having an incredible time, thank you. This is an amazing part of the world.

Please feel free to use the picture in any way you like - I’d be proud :+1: - and let me know if anyone at :monzo: has any special requests


a photo of you holding your Monzo card at the top of Mount Everest if is not too much trouble :joy:

(Justin) #5

@anon44204028, thanks for your suggestion. We’re heading on a kora around Mount Kailash (up to 5,630m), followed by a climb to Everest Base Camp (which is only 5,200 on the Tibetan side), so won’t be able to fully deliver on your request, but will do as well as I can!


You lucky guy. It was my dream to go to Everest when I was young, but now my respiratory health prohibits that :mountain_snow::ambulance::hospital:

(Justin) #7

@anon44204028, sorry to hear that. I’ve been very lucky myself to finally get over injuries that had been plaguing me for ten years, so I can imagine how you feel. We’ve brought some prayer flags along with us, and I’ll spare a thought for you when we hang them up


Thank you. God bless.

(Justin) #9

Found another higher ATM at 4,670m (15,320 ft), so made another withdrawal!

(Carl Barrett) #10

My friend Holly is currently climbing Everest and she is hoping to be the first person to ever stream live on social media from the summit. You can follow her progress on various platforms by using this #everesteveryday

(Justin) #11

@seahorsejockey, thanks for your message. Good luck to your friend - I’m sure she’ll have an unbelievable experience. It’s a magical part of the world

(Tristan Thomas) #12

These photos are great :slight_smile: @seahorsejockey maybe we can get your friend to use a Monzo card at the top of Everest… :wink:

(Justin) #13

Hey @tristan, I’m heading up towards Everest Base Camp now (though sadly not to the top, like @seahorsejockey 's friend) and will try to take a picture with a card there. Thankfully, there are not yet any ATMs there

The scenery here is stunning, and the challenge is refraining from sending you more every 5 mins! Here’s another I took this morning

(Justin) #14

Sorry, can’t help it. The views keep getting better and better!