Monzo in Tibet, China


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Been to Tibet? Do you have a comments or hints for Justin based on your experience?

Have a great time Justin

(Justin) #3

Thanks, Richard. I’m hoping to hold the record for using Monzo at the highest altitude :mount_fuji: (outside of payments on a :airplane:)

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Sounds like that would make an awesome photo for


(Justin) #5

I’ll definitely do my best!
@alexs, thanks for your help with the post. Looks like the Monzo in Nepal thread has now been created

(Justin) #6

I’ve arrived in Tibet, and found that ATM withdrawals haven’t worked at Bank of Tibet and ICBC, but have so far worked at Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Thanks for letting us know Justin :raised_hands: just to check, have you enabled Magstripe withdrawals?

iOS users can enable Magstripe withdrawals from Card > Profile > Security, here’s the guide. Android users should go to Settings > ATM - guide.

Since you’ve been able to withdraw money from other ATM’s, you’re obviously a verified user already :thumbsup:

(Justin) #8

Hey @alexs, yes of course. I got that handy notification from Monzo reminding me to enable magstripe :hugs:

With Bank of Tibet, the ATM read the card, identified and indicated that It would read magstripe, but then failed.

I think things will get tougher as I move away from the capital, so I’ll need to carry cash. I’ll try some withdrawals as well, and keep you updated! :mountain_snow: