A short community update on ATM fees/limits

This isn’t a big announcement! Just a quick update here for the forum in the interests of transparency :slight_smile:

We’ve talked in the past about how ATM fees are incredibly expensive for Monzo and @tom has asked for feedback and thoughts from some of you at recent current account rollout events — detailed in this thread and probably others that @alexs can track down :wink:

Since then, there hasn’t been much movement and we haven’t announced anything so I wanted to quickly pop a note here — we’re getting some last pieces in place with sign offs from third parties etc. that’s taken longer than we want and hence the lack of movement. Hopefully this’ll be in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll then publish the data we have around our costs and ask for your suggestions and votes of how we can reduce them to help Monzo become a sustainable business — we’ll also notify customers not in the forum so everyone can join in! As I said, hopefully this’ll be in the next few weeks and you’ll have plenty of time to engage, of course :+1:

No need to discuss or make suggestions now (unless you want to) — this is just a heads up on where we’re at! Full details coming as soon as we can :slight_smile:


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Please post your ideas here -

& watch this space for more updates from the team :soon: