Monzo in Tanzania

Hi, I’ve recently been to Tanzania and tried withdrawing cash with my Monzo card at three different banks. I activated the mag strip but unfortunately withdrawals were refused at all three machines. Anyone had any luck at specific banks or any advice? Would be really helpful as my other bank charges me a fortune!!!

Do the ATMs actually support MasterCard? I know MasterCard ATM acceptance in some African countries is poor.

Might be worth asking in-app chat if they’re able to see anything on their side?

I tried that, they weren’t sure why it wouldn’t work and suggested I ask other users if they’d tried. Thanks though!

You might be right, I assumed it would work as my other UK bank account card works but I’ve just looked and that’s a visa debit card. I’m not clued up on this but assume that’s different! Maybe you’ve just answered my question! It’s a real shame if that’s the case though! :thinking::roll_eyes: Thanks for responding!

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Off to climb Kilimanjaro in November… anyone been to Tanzania recently?

My Monzo card wouldn’t work there in December. I’m going again in July but don’t hold out any hope of it working. I think it’s because it’s MasterCard…I tried 3 different cash machines/banks out there

I was in Tanzania for 6 weeks in Feb/March 2018 and Monzo was fine for withdrawals once the magstripe setting was checked. Unsure if anything has changed but Monzo/Mastercard was not an issue at the time.

Some of the ATM fees were pretty high though on the whole, up to 8k shillings a time. Ecobank was the best with no fees - they had a big branch in Arusha (for anyone attempting Kili).

Interesting because mine still wouldn’t work even when I switched the mag strip, I’ll try it again in the summer. Thanks!